7 Ways To Have Your Most Feminine Fall Season

It’s time for late afternoon lattes (PSL or otherwise) and cozy cashmere sweaters.

By April Ramos5 min read
Pexels/Andras Stefuca

Of all the seasons, fall may be the most feminine after all. A season where autumnal darkness and frigidity meet all things warm and glowing ultimately cultivates a pleasure feast of the senses. Here are seven ways to make this your most feminine fall.

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1. Level Up Your Self-Care 

Grab a journal for stress management. Nothing kills femininity like neuroticism. It’s easy to get moody this time of year when the sun’s not out, the to-do list is high, and the never-ending stream of sugar-laden treats has got you bloated and eyeing the scale. The good news is jotting down your thoughts can actually contribute to a happier and healthier mindset. So, grab a warm drink, find a comfy chair, and get writing. Here’s an adorable fall-themed journal to get you started.

Master your routines. There’s no better time than fall to create morning and evening routines that help you fill your own cup (or gorgeous pumpkin mug) so you can pour into others. Skincare, healthy breakfasts, pleasure reading, and workout routines all fall into this category. Nothing is more feminine than cultivating a beautiful life. You’ll find plenty of aesthetic examples on YouTube, some explicitly fall-themed. Here's one of my personal favorites.

The key to routines is to make them fit your own life and goals. Not really a gym person? Take your dog for a hot girl walk instead or do some light stretching. Hate coffee? Have some tea (try this apple pie chai), or set a water goal. Develop daily habits that make your life full of beauty.

2. Beautify Your Fall Style


Give the young, dewy, clean look some womanly fall flavor with a dark nude liner and a touch of pomegranate. This combo creates a more sophisticated feel, perfect for a date night or fancy event like a fall wedding.

Clean up your beauty routine with help from the EWG Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database. EWG uses a “Hazard Score Range” from 1-10 to let you know how safe your beauty products are. One thing to keep in mind is that a brand may have one item that’s a 1 on their hazard scale and another that’s a 6, so check each item for the cleanest products possible. 


Lighten up. Mix cream colors and white for an airy, feminine feel. Better yet, pair your outfit with a timeless vanilla scent like this one from The 7 Virtues. (Bonus: It has a 1 on the hazard scale according to the EWG rating.) We know, we know, white, Labor Day, blah, blah, blah. We just can’t help but love the cappuccino vibes during coffee’s biggest season.

Easy Clothes Beige Solan Jeans, $59

Tired of the classic fall colors? Try rose tones. Maybe the orange, maroon, and brown combo has you feeling a little more like a child’s fall art project. Elevate your fall look by incorporating various shades of warm, muted pinks for a timeless girly look.

Pair a stiletto boot and a cute jacket with a maxi dress. Instead of buying an entirely new outfit, invest in a few pieces to pair with what you have. Why spend more on new items when you can reinvent your old favorites? 


Carry your thriller novel in a classic leather bag. While ornate and frilly can be fun, sometimes the humble and timeless beauty of classic leather highlights a more refined, graceful fashion that can’t be beat. You can find them in every style and color at Portland Leather Goods.


Master the French twist for those holiday parties. Add a claw clip for a casual, softer take on a glam classic. 

3. Make Your Home Cozy

Change out your bedding for more autumnal colors, themes, or textures. You could buy a new set of organic sheets in a delicate gold for a minimalistic effect, or deck your room out in a cabin theme; the key is to do what feels comforting to you during the season.

Buy weekly fresh flowers. Is there anything more feminine than flowers? Full bouquets and complex arrangements can become pretty pricey, but never underestimate the power of even a small bundle in a simple, clear vase. You can usually find small bundles in your local grocery store for around the cost of your oat milk latte. If you’re in the mood to splurge though, check out these gorgeous dried flowers from Idlewild Floral Co.

4. Keep Your Home Clean

Upgrade your cleaning routine with safer products. This multi-purpose, plant-based cleaning paste from Earthley Wellness is free of sulfates, phosphates, and petrochemicals and comes in lemon-thyme, eucalyptus-spearmint, lavender, and unscented. Sucker for seasonal scents? Try this all-purpose spray from Truth Wellness Co. in orange+clove to give you all the essential oil-powered fall feels. 

Join the cleaning sisterhood. The joy of femininity often comes from being a part of a feminine community, and that’s exactly what you find in the YouTube videos of a ton of ladies who show off their cleaning expertise in the most aesthetic way possible. Leave it to women to make even cleaning a beautiful process! They also share amazing products and tools you may have never heard of. Exhibit A: These amazing spin scrubbers that save your back when cleaning your tub or shower. I confess, I bought one. Clean With Me vlogs also tend to include decorating tips and even recipes from time to time. Check out this video, for example. 

5. Cook

Learn the classic feminine art of breadmaking. There are few scents as warm and inviting as freshly baked bread. So, get out those festive baking mitts. Don’t have any? These creamy gingham mittens will have you feeling like a pioneer woman in no time. Never baked bread before? This no-knead, savory twist on pumpkin bread is a great place to start. The more familiar you get with the basics, the more creative you can be. Try adding in olives or your favorite cheese. Baking bread can be a great way to use up some leftovers as well and avoid food waste.

Pexels/Klaus Nielsen
Pexels/Klaus Nielsen

Bring back hospitality by hosting dinners for family and friends. In many cultures, it’s the pride and joy of women to show off their culinary skills by crafting tasty dishes to bring to family get-togethers. No one’s planning a party? Take the initiative and show everyone what you’ve got. If you’re a cooking novice, try this crockpot Beef Bourguignon for an easy showstopper with minimal cleanup. 

6. Seek Romance

For our single ladies, get to know a potential beau. Fall is a season of romance, so there’s no better time to scope out a match. However, our culture of swiping and ghosting seems to have romance on the decline. Opting out of courting-via-text may be your best option. Instead, insist on in-person dates before late-night chats. 

The options are endless, and you can use them to your advantage. Find out what they do for fun, and do that together. Are they into football? Go to a game. A bonus is you’ll likely see how they deal with frustration. Do you love thrifting? Grab some coffee and let them tag along. The treasures you come across will inevitably spark good conversation.

Pexels/Katerina Holmes
Pexels/Katerina Holmes

Let him be a gentleman. No matter how many ‘90s chick flicks you’ve seen with feisty heroines who insist on opening their own doors, this fall is a great time to learn the feminine art of receiving. If he tries to compliment you (given it’s an actual, non-sleazy compliment), don’t joke it away and give reasons why it’s not true. If he wants to pay for the meal, don’t feel like you need to make it up to him by buying the movie tickets. We’ve been taught that feminism means being hard and, honestly, masculine, but this year, indulge in the softness of gratitude. 

For married couples needing a little spark, warm up your movie night by lounging in this lacy pajama set. If spring is the season of all things birth, autumn is the season of conception. So, trade in your shapeless, pumpkin-printed mumu (even if just on occasion). You won’t regret it, and neither will hubby. Bonus: Pair with the sultry Oceanic Amber fragrance by KORRES.

7. Go Adventuring

There’s much more to being a lady than looking pretty and keeping house. Trying new things and experiencing life to the fullest is in our blood, and while we love the typical autumn outings like pumpkin patches, hayrides, corn mazes, and the like, there’s more to be discovered when it comes to having fun. 

Turn your hike into a riverside picnic. Scout a hiking trail with great water views and bring along all your favorite treats and drinks. Maybe you’ve gained some charcuterie skills over the past few seasons; here’s a great opportunity to use them in a fresh way. Pack all the parts of your board away in Ziplock bags and reassemble on site.

Pexels/Taryn Elliott
Pexels/Taryn Elliott

Grab your western gear and go for a trail ride. It’s time to elevate your foliage viewing – literally! Get the group together and find your nearest stables. There are usually options for each level of rider, from first-timer to fearless pro. Enjoy the colors from a new point of view and fall in love with a new hobby along the way.

Learn to fly with hang gliding. For the seriously thrill-seeking woman, get above it all with a self-piloted aircraft called a hang glider. What better way to experience nature and the stunning views it offers? This isn’t a pay-and-play kind of activity, though. You’ll need to invest some time and money into learning how to fly safely. With all extreme sports, there’s obviously still risk involved, but whoever said risk wasn’t ladylike? 

Closing Thoughts

There are endless opportunities to become your most feminine self this fall, so get going and enjoy it!

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