5 Great Products To Treat Dry Winter Hair

By Amanda Lauren
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5 Great Products To Treat Dry Winter Hair

If winter skin weren’t bad enough, winter hair is no fun either. If you’re experiencing dry, frizzy hair that just won’t look good no matter what you do, know you aren’t alone. You just need to take time out to switch up your products, be careful with heat, and let those conditioning masks set in. Here are some great winter hair products to restore moisture and shine.

Philip B Rejuvenating Hair Oil

Philip B Rejuvenating Hair Oil

Phillip B Rejuvenating Hair Oil is a secret sauce that should no longer be kept a secret. This is not like any other hair oil. It must be applied to dry hair before shampooing or even left on overnight. It works best as a hot oil treatment (just put some in your hair and heat it up for a few minutes with a blow dryer). This product is definitely a bit more work than a typical conditioning mask, but it’s a complete game-changer that’s totally worth your time. ($35)

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virtue restorative treatment mask dermstore

Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask

File this conditioning mask under splurges. But it’s well worth it - softening the hair in a way like nothing else can, even from the first time you use it. While it’s very effective even for the driest hair (raising my hand here), it only needs to be left in for two to three minutes, so it’s ideal if you’re too busy for a longer treatment. ($66)

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sutra beauty hair cocktail oil

Sutra Beauty Hair Cocktail

If you like oils and can’t choose just one, why not try a product that has three? This treatment has marula, rose petal, and coconut oils, as well as vitamins C and E to make the hair soft and shiny. Even better, it protects hair from the sun (which can still be strong even on the coldest of days), equal to approximately SPF 8. This treatment can also be added to any conditioner to give it superpowers. ($40)

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save me from pollution hair treatment

Save Me From Pollution Assault Conditioning Mask

If you live in a city and find your hair just doesn’t look as pretty as it should, it could be due to pollution from smoke, car exhaust, and dust. Truly an innovative game-changer, this mask is formulated to counteract damage from free radicals and daily exposure to everything gross in the atmosphere. It truly repairs the hair from root to tip. ($78)

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moroccan oil hair treatment

Moroccan Oil Original Treatment

Moroccan Oil might not be new, but it’s still one of the most versatile hair products out there. Put it on wet hair before blowing it out to protect from heat damage and help the hair retain moisture. Then use it on dried hair to tame frizz and add shine. ($44)

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