6 Things Successful Women Do On Sunday To Set Up For A Good Week Ahead

By Melody Rose··  5 min read
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We always hear everyone talk about the Monday blues, but what about the Sunday successes?

There are a lot of things we can do to set ourselves up for an amazing week ahead that are actually quite simple. When we allow ourselves to feel refreshed, revitalized, and ready, there’s more energy to use toward making the best of our days, instead of dreading them. Here are some checkboxes to add to your Sunday list that will support you in showing up as the very best version of yourself.

1. Errands, Laundry, and Groceries…Oh My! 

If possible, try to get these things done on Saturday so that Sunday can be fully dedicated to rest and rejuvenation. These tasks are vital for ushering in a stress-free week, keeping you from rummaging for a clean blouse or spending money on takeout for dinner, but they can also be time-consuming to do. Therefore, knocking them out in one Saturday afternoon will get them done and situated so you can step into Sunday feeling satisfied and relieved.

2. Write Out Your Plans for the Week 

You know when Monday comes you have a busy schedule coming with it. From your child’s soccer schedule to work meetings to an endless list of appointments, you already feel your thoughts congested with wondering “How am I going to get it all done?” 

Having these thoughts swim in your mind with nowhere to go will become exhausting. Instead, take 10-15 minutes on Sunday morning to write out your weekly schedule. List your obligations and then add two additional tasks you want to accomplish each day. We often feel compelled to overload ourselves by assigning 10 tasks to one day, knowing very well it won’t get done, and then feeling bad about ourselves when we come up short. In fact, seeing a list of 10 tasks could even throw us into stress paralysis where we don’t even try because we become so overwhelmed just at the sight of it.

Seeing it written on paper will enable you to visualize it all getting done and provide comfort that it will.

So be reasonable, what are the essentials for this week? What can get done in between your other obligations? By listing it out on paper, in bite-sized increments, not only are you relieving the pressure in your mind, but you’re also optimizing your time and energy. Seeing it tangibly written on paper will enable you to visualize it all getting done and provide comfort that it will. You can even do this in a “marriage meeting” setting with your husband so both of you are on the same page and prepared for the week ahead.

3. Get Fresh Air 

Take the time to go for a walk, hike, or bike ride (invite your family to join you, too!). It’s good to get outside, even if just for an hour, to soak in fresh air and receive vitamin D from the natural sunlight. Not only will movement release endorphins and improve your mood, but it’ll also increase your overall physical health. This is especially important to do if your work week keeps you inside at a desk the majority of the day. Spending time outdoors will significantly improve your energy!

4. Enjoy a Relaxing Activity 

Whether it be taking a bubble bath, reading a good book, or trying a little DIY spa treatment, allotting the time to do something relaxing will let you fully release any stress or tension. Taking care of you in this way will allow you to show up more fully for others. Choose an activity that you know will replenish you and commit to it. 

5. Pick Out Your Outfit

Even with all the best Sunday practices, Monday mornings still come with a bit more hectic energy than usual as you and everyone in your household adjusts back to a normal routine after a weekend hiatus. To save yourself time in the morning and to not feel completely rushed, prep the night before all the things that are predictable. 

The night before, prep all the things that are predictable. 

For example, if you attend a yoga class in the morning, have your workout clothes packed the night before. Have your work outfit hanging in your closet so it’s an easy grab-and-go. Even meal prep so you don’t rush around trying to pack healthy meals and snacks, which may tempt you to resort to something quick and unhealthy (which will do a number on your energy levels). The more you can plan for in advance and prepare, the better!

6. Power Down an Hour Before Bed

Even though you’re equipped with your blue light glasses so you can stay up late scrolling through your emails, it’s still just a better habit to shut your phone off altogether. Give yourself Sunday evenings to power down early, at least an hour before bed. This will ease you into a peaceful sleep and avoid feeling drained the next morning as a result of overstimulating your senses late into the night. 

It’s known that blue light disrupts the hormone melatonin, which aids in sleep support, and noises from your phone can impede your REM cycle. So when you go to bed, be sure to place your phone somewhere where it’s not directly near you and switch on the “Do Not Disturb” setting to ensure there won’t be any unnecessary distractions.

Closing Thoughts

Prioritizing, planning, and staying organized are the key ingredients to setting yourself up for success each week. When we feel well rested and prepared, we’re more apt to handle anything that comes up last minute with a level head and without spiraling into overwhelm. Making the above a part of your Sunday routine will improve your mental, physical, and emotional health. Remember, life is short, and living it to the fullest by managing our obligations and balancing it out with joyful activities is always worth the extra steps!

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