5 Things He Notices About You That Aren't Your Body

By Nea Logan
·  4 min read
5 Things He Notices About You That Aren't Your Body

There's more to his adoration of you than meets the eye. Though it's perfectly natural and even encouraged to be your best, most attractive self, the pursuit of perfect beauty only completes one part of a larger love puzzle.

The dating world may feel like an enigma impossible to solve. And one likely cause is the myopic perspective that a woman must only be beautiful to attract the ideal man. This thinking can result in frustration for the girl who feels she's aesthetically gifted. While he's certainly admiring your lovely locks or maybe even complimenting your curves, his vision for the future allows him to see straight through it all while looking for the following five qualities that matter so much more. 

How You Speak

Yes, the color on your lips is nice and all, but he wants to hear the words that come out of them. So ask — do you speak beautifully? This isn't about faking lines from some sexy seductress. It's what you say that could turn him on or off. If you find that you lean on sarcastic language, mouthfuls of gossip, and excessive swearing, then perhaps try being tasteful with your tongue? Whatever you do, never underestimate the power of verbal communication when making a love connection. Because your choice of words says more than you realize. 

Never underestimate the power of verbal communication when making a love connection. 

Your Good or Bad Attitude

Imagine he's taking you to dinner and the waiter brings you the wrong entrée. How do you respond? Do you know how to communicate displeasure or corrections without becoming irate or domineering? Remember, your date is your audience, and everything from your response to the waitstaff to your manners sends non-verbal cues that could determine if you make it to date number two. Even if you're as sweet as pie to your date, a poor attitude towards others could leave a lasting sour taste in his mouth. 

Your Attention Span (for Him)

Our listening skills have a way of telling the truth about us. Your subconscious cues and body language emit signals that let him know you're truly interested in a topic. But be warned. The moment you give off vibes that you're bored or uninterested is the moment he'll decide to move on. So just be honest about how you feel about the guy from the jump, before too much time, energy, and money have been invested. And never agree to a date when you know for sure there's no connection. (Dating for free food and drink ought to be a crime.)

Your subconscious cues and body language emit signals that let him know you're truly interested. 

That Fragrance You're Wearing (or Not)

Your perfume is the one thing that's easy to overdo and underdo. If anything, it can either be an invitation to come close or a notification to stay away. This isn't just about natural body odor either. Even too many spritzes can send him into olfactory overload. It's common because it's not all that easy to smell yourself. So between dates, casually ask a friend or relative to do a scent check. Then adjust accordingly to keep things fresh. 

Your Sense of Humor

If you really want to connect with a guy, you have to catch what he's tossing. There's just this surge of uplifting, positive vibes whenever two people get each other through a healthy amount of laughter. Humor has a way of unlocking our hearts and revealing the little girl inside who is tickled pink. It allows us to let our guard down and feel comfortable, which is what he wants for you. And if he doesn't make you feel safe in this way, he can tell. This isn't to be brushed off as some "ego trip." Rather, it's a man's innate desire to be a safe space that makes the humor factor so important. That said, never force humor. It'll come naturally when you're around the right guy for you. 

Humor allows us to let our guard down and feel comfortable.

Closing Thoughts

Dating was never meant to be some giant Rubik's cube. But here we are, trying to solve one another as if love were a game. The truth is that dating is less about figuring someone out like some toy than it is about learning about what makes this individual special and cherishing those qualities. It would be our loss to assume that a particular look, style, or body type is guaranteed to win him over. Because he's seeing into the future, where love lasts long after beauty fades. 

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