5 Products You Want To Bring To Stay In Shape During Your Travels

By Amanda Lauren··  3 min read
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5 Products You Want to Bring to Stay in Shape During Your Travels

Staying fit while you travel can be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be.

If you've ever booked a nice hotel only to discover there's one dusty treadmill in an area without Wi-Fi (what were they thinking?) or you know that there won't be much time to work out, then the best solution is to bring your own gym. Here are five pieces of fitness equipment that are equally portable and powerful. So, whether you are on the road for a month or just taking a short vacation, there are no excuses as long as you bring some of these and a little bit of motivation with you.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is the best cardio you can do, and it requires very little space. There is also no set time, instruction needed, or even a specific routine. You can just jump and go. So, it's ideal for squeezing in a quick 15 to 20-minute long workout session. You can jump rope to music or even while catching up on television or a movie. We recommend the Aerospace Rainmaker.

You can jump rope to music or even while catching up on television or a movie.


If you want equipment to tone up your abs but don't have much space (or are trying to keep everything to one carry-on bag), then all you need is a set of abdominal gliders. We love the Tone it Up Slide N Sculpt disks because they're so cute - just right for a fun hotel room Instastory. In addition to your abs, these disks are also great for working your legs and booty! Designed to be super convenient, they're reversible and can be used on any surface whether it's hardwood or carpet.

SPRI Xercuff Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are the absolute best tool for a complete lower body workout, especially on the go! You can use them for leg lifts lying down or even standing up. They allow you to have a full range of motion including side-to-side and diagonal movements so you can work to build up your muscular strength, agility, and endurance. Resistance bands also help to improve your balance. As a bonus, they're so small that they can be stuffed in your purse or computer bag.

They're so small that they can be stuffed in your purse or computer bag.

Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are a great way to amp up any kind of workout. Try wearing them while you do cardio and see how toned your legs look after just a few sessions. Ankle weights are also a great way to increase resistance for leg lifts and similar exercises. Your game will change completely.

Just keep in mind that if you travel with weights, you may need to check them in your suitcase. Occasionally, they can trigger an alarm to go off in security.


Regular armbands aren't always ideal equipment for traveling because you often have to wrap them around an exercise machine. But, P.Bands can help tone up your arms wherever you are. Better yet, it doesn't take more than ten minutes a day to achieve the definition you really want.

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