5 Health Benefits Of Orgasms (They’re Not Just For Fun)

By Carolynne Cantila··  4 min read
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5 health benefits of orgasm

Yes, orgasms are exciting and fun, but did you know they benefit your health too? There is much more meaning to orgasms than we thought we knew. They can improve health in so many ways.

Ladies, we are very important human beings, and so are our orgasms! According to Dr. Jolene Brighten, orgasms are a big element to health.  She has a plethora of information regarding female orgasm and its health benefits.  Here are 5 benefits of the big O.

Improved Menstrual Cycle

In studies, women who have sex less frequently tend to have lower estrogen and progesterone levels. Having lower estrogen or progesterone levels can cause menstrual irregularities and hormonal imbalances. Seemingly, having regular sex can help to balance hormones and reduce pain when your menstrual cycle arrives. It also can improve fertility since the big O is a signal for your body to procreate.  

Women who have sex less frequently tend to have lower estrogen and progesterone levels.

Increased Circulation

As a yoga teacher, I’m always telling my students about the importance of circulation.  Throughout our years of existence, we sit a lot. Yes, we sit for hours on end, whether we’re at school or at work or driving our car. Over time, it decreases our circulation, causing health issues and tight pelvic muscles that can cause menstrual irregularity.  

Orgasms can help with circulation throughout the body since blood flow is increased through the act. It also increases circulation in the pelvic floor muscles, and when that happens all of the nutrient dense foods we have eaten become unstuck and are free to be absorbed in the body. So start moving those hips!

Boosts Immunity and Helps with Autoimmune Disease

Having low libido can have serious underlying issues. Low libido is a common trait of autoimmune diseases. Having regular orgasms can help to shift the immune system. Th1 is part of the immune system that fights foreign antibodies. Th2 is much more tolerant to foreign antibodies (like sperm), therefore increasing fertility and the chances of achieving pregnancy.  When there is more Th1 present in the body, autoimmune symptoms increase, making it hard for Th2 to thrive, which is needed to balance autoimmunity.  

Having more O moments raises Th2 levels in the body, thereby creating a healthier environment for conception.

Having more O moments raises Th2 levels in the body, creating hormonal balance. This hormonal balance relieves stress and increases libido. When libido is increased, it boosts the immune system, thereby creating a healthier environment for women with autoimmune diseases to achieve conception and creating overall good health. The O moment can be the catalyst to help combat symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

Orgasms Can Relieve and Reduce Anxiety

Orgasms release oxytocin. Oxytocin is the love hormone. It’s that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we’re in love. Oxytocin also fights off the negative effects of cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and it can wreak havoc on a woman’s libido, hormones, and menstrual cycle.  Having an orgasm can release a lot of stress from your body physically and mentally.  

Orgasms Have Anti-Aging Benefits

Since orgasms reduce the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body, you can reap a lot of benefits when it comes to your beauty regimen.  Stress over a period of time takes a toll on your skin. It increases inflammation in the body, consequently creating skin issues like acne. Hormonal acne is the worst! 

Orgasms reduce the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. 

With increased circulation as mentioned earlier, blood flow is known to keep skin plump and resilient. Your skin will have a youthful glow.  Circulation also decreases those under-eye circles we dread. So regular, self-care O times will increase the anti-aging hormones. It’s also said that it can reduce mortality rates since we’re all just a little happier after the O.

Closing Thoughts

There are so many benefits of orgasming. Who would’ve known?  They’re not only fun but restore the body and can be the key to fixing issues in women’s health.  I’m not promoting casual sex in any way, but I want to educate you on why your O moment can be beneficial for your health and more magical with the loved one you share it with.  

Want more information on orgasms? Go check out Dr. Jolene Brighten. She gives excellent insights into women’s sexual health and the healing of feminine energy.

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