5 Hacks For Looking Pulled Together With Minimal Effort

      By Lillian Fallon·· 6 min read

      Sometimes looking “effortlessly chic” isn’t a choice, but a means of survival. When you need to run out the door within 15 minutes of waking up, the only way to look pulled together is to utilize a few sly outfit hacks.

      Besides, when you’re brewing coffee while brushing your teeth and answering work emails on your phone all at the same time, your outfit should be the last thing you’re worried about. But before you reach for those sweatpants, take a look at the following tricks for looking pulled together with minimal effort! So the next time your alarm goes off and you “accidentally” hit the snooze, you’ll know exactly what to wear.

      Master bedhead and embrace trendy barrettes

      When you don’t have time to shower or style your hair, work with the mess and become a master of the “bed head” look. Instead of attempting to tame your wild locks, emphasize the disheveled appeal by giving your hair a quick sea salt spritz and scrunching.


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      The goal is to make your messy hair look intentional. To top off this messy chic look, slide in a barrette or two. This will rein in any rogue hairs while offering a grown-up twist on your favorite childhood hair accessories.

      Don a bright red lip to feel and communicate confidence

      A red lip immediately evokes an air of confidence. A quick swipe of red can take you from feeling like a hot mess to feeling in control -- and it takes less than two minutes to apply.


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      Similar to mastering the bed head aesthetic, a red lip also creates an overall look of intentionality with minimal effort. Rocking a red lip communicates that you’re self-assured and ready to conquer the day.

      Throw on a blazer to give a polished appeal

      Nothing is worse than rummaging around your room for something to wear when you’re already late. When you don’t have time to put together a well thought out ensemble, throw on an easy, basic look. Think jeans and a button-down or a pencil skirt with a plain t-shirt.


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      They key to making a casual outfit look appear upscale is to add your trusty blazer. Because of it’s tailored cut, sleek lines, and business wear origins, the blazer immediately makes everything else you’re wearing look more professional.

      Layer jewelry to balance out your laid back getup

      Another hack to pulling off a more “lazy” outfit is to layer on the jewelry. Cheating a pulled together ensemble is all about balancing your most casual items with equally fancy items. Wearing a basic cotton t-shirt? Put on a pair of oversized statement earrings. Plain white button down with rolled up sleeves? Stack on your bracelets and rings. Comfy ribbed tank? Wear a few necklaces of differing lengths.


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      The most aesthetically interesting outfits all have elements of contrast and complementarity. Get creative with juxtaposition in your look and mix your laid back items with dressy ones.

      Wear heels to figuratively and literally elevate your look

      When in doubt, throw on heels. Heels will always make your outfit look chic, no matter what you're wearing. Pairing streetwear with heels is especially popular right now, allowing you to get away rocking even the most casual outfit.


      Elsie Pumps in Leopard Calf Hair

      Jeans and heels is a classic combination that you can wear to numerous occasions, both formal and casual. French women have practically made jeans and heels their uniform. We’re certainly ready to take a cue from the icons of the “effortlessly chic” fashion movement.