5 Essential Photos To Check Off Your Bucket List This Fall

With the seasons changing, you’re changing too. Your style evolves, and so does your social media feed.

By Grace Baker2 min read
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Bored of the same old selfie or coffee flatlay? It can be tough to brainstorm ideas for your next Instagram post. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with five essential photos to check off your bucket list this fall that will take your socials from a bright summer aesthetic to a cozy fall one. And check out our style guide on what to wear for every fall activity if you need outfit inspo!

At the Pumpkin Patch

Perhaps what might be the most obvious must-do photo of the season is to take one at a pumpkin patch. With rows of bright orange pumpkins, it’s an easy place to take snapshots for your socials. Grab your favorite flannel or overalls for this outing. Use the pumpkins as props and have fun with it! Oftentimes, pumpkin patches will even feature pumpkin arches, which make for a great photo backdrop.

At a Coffee Shop

With the temperatures dropping, it’s the perfect time to grab a warm pumpkin spice latte at your local coffee shop. Even if coffee isn’t your thing, you can still grab a cup of hot cider or tea. Pull up a chair, and don’t look directly at the camera. Candids are great for this photo opportunity. Sip on your drink, look at passing pedestrians, and don’t forget to laugh while someone snaps your photos.

While Apple Picking

Cottagecore is having a cultural moment right now, and picking apples is the perfect activity to break out your flowy dress and woven basket. Hair bows are also back in style and are a great fall accessory. Similar to the pumpkin patch, use the apples as props, and take lots of action shots. Just the motion of picking apples, examining them, and carrying around your basket will make for classic images on your social media feed. 

In the Fall Foliage 

Leaves are changing from bright green to brilliant hues of yellow, orange and red. The floor is littered with crunchy leaves. All of this equals the perfect canvas to compose your dream photo shoot. For this, go for neutral sweaters with cozy textures to not distract from the botanical background. Try different angles for these shots with unique perspectives while utilizing the foliage and trees as your framework.

At the Farmers Market

One way to take photos and get a little grocery shopping done is to go to an outdoor farmers market. We often associate these with only the spring and summer seasons, but farmers markets are still in full swing during autumn with squashes, pumpkins and more. Grab a few items for your next soup night, browse the seasonal flowers, and take candid photos. When you post your photos, don’t forget to tag the local vendors!

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re an influencer or a casual social media user, it’s always fun to update your social media with fresh content for each season. Taking photos like these can be a great way to get out of our comfort zones and embrace seasonal activities in our community. Plus, we all know we’re looking for an excuse to take photos in our new boots or fall flannels. 

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