35 Of The Prettiest Dresses To Wear As A Wedding Guest This Fall

35 Of The Prettiest Dresses To Wear As A Wedding Guest This Fall

By Anna Hartman1 min read
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The most beautiful season to get married is upon us (and that’s coming from someone who was married in August, ok?). You simply cannot deny the breathtaking backdrop of rich, colorful foliage during a fall wedding. The mood is cozier, the drinks and food are a bit more comforting, and the fashion is undeniably chic. 

During a summer wedding, guests are typically sweating through their hair and makeup, praying for the indoor air conditioning, and the only appropriate dress code is to wear as little as possible (while keeping things classy, of course). On the other hand, spring weddings are typically full of rain showers and boast unpredictable temperatures, while winter weddings are…well, freezing if you’re trying to wear a cute wedding guest-appropriate dress. 

That’s why fall weddings are the sweet spot (and the most popular among brides). I’d argue to say that they’re a favorite among wedding guests as well. For women, it’s our chance to embrace deep, seasonal hues in a variety of dress lengths and silhouettes while dressing up with jewel-toned accessories and heels. Since I myself have a number of weddings to attend this season, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dress to wear as a guest at each. And because I’m a team player, I’m here to happily share the fruits of my labor and make your shopping a little bit easier. No matter how fancy the wedding that you’ll be attending or what your budget is for the occasion, there is an option for you on this extensive list. Let’s take a look at 35 of the prettiest dresses to wear as a wedding guest this fall!

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