30 Feminine Sandals You Need To Update Your Shoe Wardrobe For Spring

If you’re like me, you’re more than ready to trade your winter boots and wool socks for open-toed shoes and sandals. Choosing the right pair of sandals, however, can mean the difference between a drab, androgynous outfit or a look that makes you feel like the main character you are.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen1 min read
Free People

While you probably have a capsule collection of basic neutral-toned sandals for the spring and summer, you might be ready to add a little more color and femininity to your footwear collection. Shades of pink, lavender, and blue are becoming more popular this spring, so today we're sharing some of our favorite feminine shoes to match those pastel dreams.

Here are 30 feminine sandals you need to update your shoe wardrobe for spring! 

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