30 Anniversary Gifts That Are Just Cheesy Enough To Make Him Fall In Love With You All Over Again

Don’t leave all the planning up to your husband for your anniversary. Take the time to find a perfectly sweet, adorable, and cheesy gift that will make him fall head over heels for you all over again.

By Keelia Clarkson4 min read
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Your wedding anniversary is even more important than Valentine’s Day. While celebrating on February 14 is a wonderful day to take advantage of the opportunity to remember your love for one another, your wedding anniversary is the day that your unique love story began anew.

It’s the day you and your fiancé chose to begin your lives as husband and wife, the day that your family and friends gathered around to celebrate you as you promised the rest of your days to one another, the day that you made a decision that changed your life forever, the day that is unique to the story your marriage is telling.

With that being said, your anniversary shouldn’t only center around the weight of the meaning of marriage – it should also be fun. It should be filled with laughter, joy, inside jokes, and lightheartedness. And one way to give your celebration a healthy dose of fun is through the gift you get for your husband.

So whether you’ll be celebrating one year or 10 years of being married on your next anniversary, here are 30 anniversary gifts that match the traditional gift themes of each year being celebrated, and are undeniably sweet, thoughtful, and just cheesy enough to make him remember why he fell for you in the first place.

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Year 1: Paper

Paper might seem like an odd theme for an anniversary gift. It’s flimsy, fleeting, and easily destroyed. Why would that be what making it through the first year of your marriage is centered around? The reason the traditional gift theme for your first anniversary is paper is to symbolize the newness of your union. It’s a relatively recent commitment, still fresh and without many marks yet. It’s a book with only Chapter 1 having been filled out – the rest of the pages are still blank, waiting to be written by you and your husband. This is what makes the paper theme so meaningful.

Reasons Why I Love You Hardcover Journal, $17

Simple White Wedding Hardcover Photo Book, $63

Framed Wedding Waltz Personalized Art, $349

Year 2: Cotton

Cotton – the thing that most of our clothes are made out of – might seem like a common material…too common to make special enough to celebrate your second wedding anniversary. But here’s why the cotton theme is actually incredibly romantic and perfectly-suited to celebrate your second year of marriage: It’s supposed to symbolize how you and your husband have grown closer and become interwoven over the past year. It suggests that your bond has become stronger, more adaptable, and long lasting. How sweet is that?

Custom Embroidered Roman Numeral Sweatshirts, $35

Cotton Watercolor Map, $84

Love Letter Blanket, $159

Year 3: Leather

When we want boots that are going to last, we get genuine leather boots, right? That’s because we understand that leather is the real deal – not some fake, man-made material that’s going to fall apart in just a few months. Your marriage, by the time you celebrate your third anniversary, has overcome at least a few obstacles, and now, it’s the real deal. You’ve made it out of the honeymoon stage, and your connection is stronger than ever. Like leather, your marriage is durable, flexible, and tough against the elements.

Personalized Refillable Genuine Leather Journal, $25

Personalized Leather Padfolio, $71

Juniper Leather Duffle Bag, $159

Year 4: Fruit/Flowers

Fruits and flowers don’t stay stagnant. Under the right conditions, they grow, bloom, ripen. So does your marriage. By year four, you’ve both made it through some rougher patches than you did in your first year of marriage, but this isn’t to say you’re both done cooking – there’s still more left to do and look forward to. The fruit and flower themes of your fourth anniversary symbolizes the changes, growth, and blossoming your marriage is still undergoing. 

Personalized Four Year Fruit Anniversary Socks, $29

Four Roses Single Barrel Whiskey (Personalized), $69

The Smart Garden, $180

Year 5: Wood

Wood is the material we rely on nearly everyday. Everything from our coffee tables to our dining room chairs to our shelves are likely made of wood. This is what makes it a wonderful, deep, meaningful symbol to celebrate your fifth year of being married. Your marriage is now sturdier and more reliable than ever before, but it’s also allowed both of you to gain wisdom over the years you’ve been married. Five years is officially a significant amount of time to have been someone’s wife. Like a tree that’s been growing for a few years, your marriage is now powerful enough to stretch out its own strong, lasting branches.

Personalized Rustic Cheeseboard, $24

Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum, $120

Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Head Chess Set, $279

Year 6: Iron/Candy

Ah, iron – one of the first materials that comes to mind when we think about strength. And while iron might feel like such a masculine material, the iron theme for your sixth wedding anniversary is oh so romantic. It symbolizes the durability of your bond with your husband, likening it to a material that is not easily destroyed or broken. And as for the candy theme variation, celebrating six years isn’t all seriousness – it’s important to emphasize the sweetness that still lives in your relationship, much like the sweetness you two shared in your first year of being husband and wife.

Iron Star Map, $69

Shari’s Berries Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries, $39

Custom Engraved Iron Belt Buckle, $120

Year 7: Copper/Wool

Copper and wool might seem like a strange combination. What could they possibly mean, especially when paired together? The copper theme is meant to symbolize your marriage’s prosperity, luck, and wealth. Copper is strong, but malleable – similar to how a couple’s commitment to each other must be strong, and yet each person must be malleable to the other. The wool theme represents the comfort and safety you two find in your marriage. Your love is warm, inviting, and secure – just like wool.

Chudoff First Dance Song Copper Foil Print, $65

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Tough As Buck Outdoorsman Berber Lined Wool Coat, $109

Ember Temperature-Controlled Copper Mug, $149

Year 8: Bronze/Pottery

Yet another strange theme pairing – what could bronze and pottery have to do with one another? The bronze theme captures the beauty, durability, and longevity of your marriage. And as for the pottery theme, this connects to how your marriage has been molded into what it is today. The most beautiful pottery is shaped, crafted, and formed with intention, similar to your marriage over the past eight years.

Viski Irving Bronze Rim Crystal Lowball Tumblers, $26

MVMT Voyager Bronze Age Watch, $188

Personalized Platter, $88

Year 9: Willow/Pottery

Willow and pottery aren’t materials we would immediately think to pair together either, but here’s why they’re perfect to celebrate your nine years of marriage. Pottery, as we discussed before, has been molded intentionally in order to become beautiful. It took work, just like your marriage has over the past nine years. The willow theme represents the balance of strength and flexibility that is essential in a lasting marriage. While you and your husband have grown in commitment to one another, you have also become softer to what the other needs, more in tune with how you can grow and change in order to love them better.

Uncommon Goods The Kissing Mugs, $50

Willow Tree Cutting Board, $39

Personalized Wedding Pottery Gift, $74

Year 10: Aluminum/Tin

Your tenth wedding anniversary is an incredibly special one. You’ve made it an entire decade as husband and wife, which makes the aluminum and tin themes perfect. These materials are known for their resilience, longevity, and their inability to rust. They remain beautiful over the years, no matter what – which is exactly what we desire for our marriage for the decades to come.

Aluminum Wallet Insert, $19

Custom Sound Wave Bracelet, $47

Personalized “Love Around The Globe” Sign On Tin, $184

Closing Thoughts

Your anniversary is an incredibly special day in you and your husband’s story together. Always honor it with a meaningful celebration, but don’t forget to have some fun too! Get him an unapologetically sweet, cheesy gift for your next anniversary to bring some extra joy to the occasion.

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