27 Shoes That Are Just As Comfy As Uggs (But Much More Feminine)

Uggs might be “in” for now, but they definitely won’t do you any favors.

By Nicole Andre1 min read
Pexels/Alena Darmel

Fashion trends come and go. Some we love, and others have us shaking our heads. Uggs may bring back a feeling of nostalgia when you see them, but the latest resurgence in this trend is one we're politely passing on. If only because they just aren’t feminine enough for our taste.

For a shoe that’s meant to be comfortable and easy to throw on though, Uggs sure don’t make it easy to get around either. If you’re going to pay that much money for a pair of shoes, you’d be better off picking a pair that will actually stay on your feet and won’t make you trip.

While we might associate Uggs with fall and winter, they’re actually a terrible choice when it comes to the weather because the littlest bit of water will ruin them. 

And honestly, even though Bella Hadid wore them, her supermodel legs hide the fact that they just aren’t the most flattering shoes. A flattering shoe elongates the line of your legs, and Uggs do the opposite. So instead of feeling like a supermodel, you might wind up feeling like your legs look shorter and stumpier. 

We’ve rounded up 27 shoes that are just as easy and comfortable to wear as Uggs, but that are a whole lot more feminine. Let's get started.

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