25-Year-Old Woman's Hair Started Falling Out In Clumps When She Stopped Taking The Birth Control Pill And She Experienced "Hormonal Shock"

More women than ever are becoming skeptical of the birth control pill and its impact on the female body. A woman from Alabama shared her harrowing experience of coming off the pill.

By Gina Florio1 min read
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25-year-old Chancey Sessions opened up on TikTok about what happened to her body when she stopped taking the birth control pill. She posted a series of photos with a phrase on the screen that has been told to her and many other women countless times: "Birth control doesn't mess you up that bad..." Chancey has suffered some truly horrific side effects from being on birth control, regardless of what the doctors told her to expect.

Chancey Sessions’ Hair Started Falling Out in Clumps When She Stopped Taking the Birth Control Pill

Chancey decided to stop taking the pill last November, and within two months her hair was falling out in huge chunks. She ended up with bald patches all over her scalp, and she eventually had to invest in wigs just to cover it up.

Her TikTok featured pictures of herself before she got off the birth control. Her hair was long, wavy, and thick. The photos she shared after stopping the pill reveal nearly half of her head on top is bald. She also shared photos of herself holding large handfuls of hair that had recently fallen off her head.

Her doctors had put her on the strongest form of birth control that is offered to the general public. She kept being told that the pill had no negative side effects and that it was the perfect thing to take for an "extremely irregular cycle." That was obviously a total lie.

"I literally went through living hell for the past four months," she said. She developed alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss, and it was all triggered by the "hormonal shock" her body experienced when she gave up birth control.

Her story has a happy ending, though. Six months after hormonal birth control and three months after doing work to get her hormones back on track, she is starting to grow her hair back and feel more confident again.

This is a cautionary tale to all women: your doctors may not be telling you the full truth about hormonal birth control and the impact it has on women.