25 Little Things That We Shamelessly Love About Being A Woman

Today and every day, we’re proud to be women and celebrate the little things that make us grateful for our femininity.

By Hana Tilksew3 min read
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Femininity is about a lot more than just the cutesy things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate those too. Some may call these frivolous or shallow, but hey, they make us happy. Here are 25 little things that we shamelessly love about being a woman.

Changing Our Hair and Makeup Based on Our Mood

Sometimes, you wake up wanting to be the clean girl. Other times, you prefer the smokier mob wife look. With enough creativity and stamina, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the versatility you can achieve with different hair and makeup looks.

Sleepovers with the Girls

They were fun when we were kids, and they’re just as fun now. Nothing beats staying up late to chitchat with your girlfriends, and then waking up early the next day to get ready together and go on a hot girl walk. Besides, any excuse to pull out your cutest set of pajamas is a win in our book.

Wearing Dresses

Sometimes we have no choice but to wear pants for practical reasons, which makes it a real treat when we get to wear a beautiful dress. Nothing makes you feel more feminine than the flowy swish of a dress around your legs. 

“Thanks, It Has Pockets!”

The only thing better than a regular dress? A dress with fully functional pockets. If you’re like us and can’t leave the house without at least five belongings on you, the pocketed dress is your best friend. 

Pretending To Be Surprised When a Rom-Com Ends Happily

Logically thinking, did we know the main couple would get together at the end of the movie? Sure. But that doesn’t make the happy tears sliding down our faces any less real!

Going Out to Brunch

Breakfast? Boring, uninspired, and usually lonely. Brunch? Fun, experimental, and a social occasion! What’s not to like?

Scrolling Through Pinterest

The best thing about Pinterest is that it has very little of the social but all of the media. Whenever you need outfit inspo, a niche recipe, or literally anything else, this handy app is always available to save the day.

Texting Our Friends to Plan Outfits

If you’ve ever shown up to an event without planning your squad’s outfits beforehand, you’ll know how essential this is. There’s so much to coordinate: practicality, level of formality, overall aesthetic, etc. And as every fashion girl knows, planning the outfit is usually even more fun than actually wearing it.

Going to the Bathroom in Groups

Everyone knows that public bathrooms are where the girlies go to congregate. Sure, we could always go alone, but then who would wait for us by the sinks or tell us we look cute before reentering the real world? 

Reading Magazines

When online media gets you too overstimulated, print media is always there to help your brain hit reset. The best magazines leave you refreshed, inspired, and reformed. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we’d say Evie ticks all three boxes.

Doing the Towel Turban Thing

For when you’re too exhausted to blow dry but also care too much about your hair’s health to leave it wet, the towel turban to the rescue! 

Jumping Up and Down When We’re Excited

When you get news so good that you physically can’t contain your excitement, don’t! Let it out and jump to your heart’s content.

Trying New Skincare Products

Few things compare to the cooling, tingly sensation you feel when you know that a new skincare product is working. You can almost feel it seeping into every pore and busting every blemish. 

Getting Manicures

We’ve left the nail salon on more than one occasion realizing that we actually weren’t having a bad day, we just needed a manicure. They weren’t lying when they said that having your nails done improves your mental health.

Curating the Perfect Instagram Feed

Few things scratch the itch in our brains as well as having a color coordinated, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Scrolling is alright, but half the fun of Instagram is just staring at your own feed like you’ve never seen it before.

Finding Hair Ties in Random Places

Just when everything looks bleak and you’ve run out of hair accessories – gasp! – you empty out an old purse and find an old stash of scrunchies. The wave of relief is palpable.

Talking About Boys

After all, what’s the point of a crush if you don’t tell your girlfriends all about it in excruciating detail?

Achieving the Perfect Hair Part

The vibe for your entire day can come down to one single thing: how straight the part in your hair is. When you manage to pull off a perfectly clear line, it’s like the sky has opened up and the sun is shining directly on you. Nothing can get in your way. After all, you have the power of the perfect part on your side.

Not Being Able To Help But Smile When We See a Baby

Something about those wide eyes and chubby cheeks just forces our mouths upwards. Awwww!

Bubble Baths

Sure, the quick rinse-and-dry type of shower is a lot more efficient, but sometimes you just want to slip into a therapeutic bubble bath. It’s even better when you have a bathtub tray to hold a candle or a glass of wine while you lie back and soak.

Getting Our Beauty Sleep

It’s not called “beauty sleep” for no reason, people. Waking up from a long night’s rest makes us feel like we can truly take on the world.

Wearing Heels

There’s a reason models always look so fierce on the runway – they’re strutting in (at minimum) four-inch heels. We’re not exactly sure what the science behind it is, but putting on our best pair of high heels instantly makes us feel like a cooler, more confident version of ourselves.

Trying Seasonal Cafe Drinks

Summer has its frosted lemonades. Autumn has its pumpkin spice lattes. Winter has its peppermint mochas. With the advent of each new season comes new liquid treats, and we couldn’t be more excited for each one.

Taking Everything Showers

Once a week or so, the famed “everything shower” rolls around. It’s the ultimate primping session – scalp cleansing, skin exfoliation, hair removal – that culminates in a shinier, glossier, squeaky-clean you. Though the “everything shower” can be tiring, the results are well worth it.

Getting Swept Off Our Feet

Sure, women can make the first move if they’d like to, but there’s something to be said about being pursued. After all, little girls don’t dream about having their own knight in shining armor for no reason.

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