21 St. Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy

Looking to get complimented instead of pinched this St. Patrick’s Day? We’ve got 21 stylish green outfits to help you look chic, not cheesy, in celebration of this Irish holiday.

By Anna Hartman1 min read

Ordering a whole new ‘fit for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend may be out of the question (thanks, Bidenomics), but there are certainly still ways you can get creative in your own closet to look your best. Skip the cringey four-leaf clover t-shirts and incorporate green into an outfit so chic you could wear it any day of the week. 

Let’s take a look at 21 St. Patrick’s Day outfit ideas that aren’t cheesy. 

Pop of Green

Whether it’s a simple baseball cap, a statement bag, or a bold fluffy scarf, keep the rest of your outfit matching in neutrals and wear that pop of green with confidence. 

Add Western Flair

Trying to encapsulate down-to-earth vibes for an Irish bar crawl or a whiskey tasting? Go Western with some cowboy boots and a hat if you really want to play the part.

Go Neon

Want to make more of an entrance? Grab that neon green item you’ve had in your closet for years for that ‘80s theme party you just know is going to pop up on your calendar any day now. 

Business Casual

St. Patrick’s Day may not fall on a weekday this year, but if you want to carry the theme into Monday morning, you can do so while remaining the professional fashionista we know you are.

Timeless Silhouette

Want to wear a ton of green without looking like you’re dressing solely for St. Patrick’s Day? Keep to a simple and timeless silhouette to ensure that you’re giving “stylish” rather than “try-hard.” 

Subtlety Is Key

Oh, it’s St. Patrick’s Day? I totally didn’t realize. If your day doesn’t consist of Irish-themed plans but you still want to avoid FOMO, these effortlessly chic outfit ideas are for you. 

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