18-Year-Old Boy Died After Doctors Tried To Create A Vagina From Part Of His Colon

A disturbing story from the UK reveals that a trans-identified teenager died from complications that arose from a surgery in which doctors tried to build him a vagina using parts of his colon.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Our culture keeps trying to convince us that it's perfectly normal for minors to receive puberty blockers at a young age if they know deep down that they're transgender and don't identify with the gender they were "assigned at birth." Anyone who dares to speak out against the idea that minors should be given hormone therapy or even surgery to affirm they gender identity is called a bigot, transphobe, or worse. Author J.K. Rowling has been on the receiving end of threats and attacks after she declared that children's transgender procedures are "one of the worst medical scandals" in the last century. But a story that emerged from the UK only proves how right Rowling was.

18-Year-Old Boy Died after Doctors Tried To Create a Vagina from Part of His Colon

A 2016 medical article reveals details about an 18-year-old boy's death due to complications that arose from a gender-affirming surgery, as reported by The Post Millennial. This paper was part of a linchpin Dutch study that laid the groundwork for child sex change operations. The boy was given puberty blockers at a young age because he claimed that he was truly a girl. These medications resulted in a lack of penile tissue developing in his body, which was the reason that surgeons removed part of his colon in order to perform a vaginoplasty, a surgery that essentially attempts to create a "neo-vagina" in male patients.

The patient was described as a "healthy" teenager, but within 24 hours of the surgery, he experienced necrotising fascitis, a rare bacterial infection that can spread quickly in the body and result in death. Doctors attempted to save him by administering intravenous antibiotics and "repeated surgical debridement" (which removes dead or infected tissue), but multiple of his organs went into failure and he died. Further investigation showed that the patient suffered a deadly strain of E-Coli that likely originated from his own intestines.

And yet many medical experts and hospitals claim that these surgeries are not only safe but are also necessary for people who suffer from gender dysphoria and seek to have their true gender affirmed. The researchers of this Dutch study still declare that vaginoplasty has a "positive influence" on transgender people's lives. @BillboardChris, an activist who exposes the dangers of the trans agenda, shared graphic photos on Twitter of what the boy looked like in the last few days of his life. He also reminded his followers that "this surgery is being done in children's hospitals across the US," sharing a video of Boston Children's Hospital in which a doctor claims they "reconstruct things the way they were supposed to be for that patient."

Many people in the comment section express disgust and heartbreak over the fact that so many young people are being subjected to this Frankenstein-like surgery. "How this is not considered a violation of Hippocratic Oath and against all logic will forever confuse me," one person replied. Perhaps the most disheartening part of this story is that there is an increasing number of people in our society who support this kind of medical butchery in the name of progressive gender theory. If you dare to speak out against this kind of mutilation online, you are shadow banned, censored, or worse, deplatformed.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh recently had his content censored on YouTube because he used a trans person's biological pronouns and heavily criticizes gender ideology. He has since been posting his full episodes to Twitter, which is being hailed as one of the only free-speech platforms left online.

Medical experts may claim that these surgeries are necessary or harmless, but the reality is no teenager should be subjected to this kind of butchery, regardless of how much they claim it will affirm their gender.