17 Of The Best Positions To Kiss In

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While society’s hyper-focused on jumping right to sex, we’re still gushing over all the steamy ways to kiss!

A hot makeout session is highly underrated. Your face and neck are areas of heightened sensitivity which can be a total turn on before you jump into bed. Not to mention, smooching your beau comes with a plethora of health benefits. Did you know you can burn anywhere from 2-26 calories per minute depending on how passionately you kiss? A new fave workout, am I right, ladies? Kissing is also known to significantly reduce stress, increase immunity, and lower blood pressure. Like we need any more reasons to pucker up!

So to keep things fun and flirty with your man, try out these new positions to kiss in! Just like sex, it’s always more exciting to switch things up.

1. The Spiderman

The scene when Peter Parker and MJ kiss in the rain…mysterious, dramatic, and iconic! The best way to do this one is to lay on a bed or couch with your head upside down from your man’s and get to it. It may not turn out as flawless as Hollywood’s, but it’ll definitely do the trick in spicing things up.

spiderman kiss gif

2. A Kiss from Behind

We all love a little suspense! Especially those moments when you’re up working late, hunched over your laptop, not paying attention and all the sudden your hubby surprises you with a deep, intimate kiss out of nowhere. Power down girl, it's time to go release some tension!

kiss from behind on the neck

3. Baby Kisses

Little, light, quick kisses on the lips, forehead, cheek, basically wherever, is a cute way to express affection! It’s playful and teasing which is sure to leave both of you giddy.

4. The Trifecta

This one’s an excellent blend of cute and intimate as you slowly build your way up. Start out with butterfly kisses (where you brush your eyelash against his cheek), then trail into an Eskimo kiss (where you gently rub noses), and then make your way to the lips kissing gently at first and then adding more intensity.

rubbing noses kiss

5. Swept Off Your Feet Kiss

Has your beau been gone for a while? This light-hearted greeting fueled with excitement is sure to be a warm welcome back! Run up to your man, have him pick you up, koala hug him by wrapping your arms and legs around his body, and then go in for a big smooch.

swept off your feet kiss

6. The One Lipper

This one is sexy! As you’re making out, focus on just your hubby’s lower lip. Gently suck, nibble, and lick, whatever feels playful for you and watch how quickly things heat up. 

kiss pull lip taylor swift

7. The Lingering Kiss

Not all intimate kisses require us to get French! Without tongue, kiss your man long and slow for about 30 seconds. This one exudes true adoration and desire. - 2022-05-20T153613.430

8. Guess the Lip Gloss

Spice it up with a little beauty fun! Purchase a variety of flavorful lip glosses and plant a kiss on your husband’s lips. See if he can guess the flavor. It can make for a fun game that pairs well with strip poker!

9. Cuddle Kisses

Who doesn’t love to snuggle with their husband on a lazy Sunday morning as the rain pours outside (cue Edwin McCain’s romantic song, “I’ll Be”)? To add a little extra coziness as you lay side by side, wrap your arms around your man and go in for a kiss. 

kissing in bed cuddle kiss

10. The Wall Pin

If you’re passionately making out with your husband and you’re both completely aligned with each other’s rhythms, it could be even more arousing to have him pick you up and pin you against the wall as you wrap your legs around him. After a kiss like this, the next stop will most likely be the bedroom!

wall pin kissing

11. The Goodnight Kiss

Nothing says “I love you” more than the unspoken sweetness of a goodnight kiss. The kind when you’re drifting off to sleep, softly closing your eyes, when you suddenly feel your husband gently kiss both lids. Sweet dreams!

12. Get on Top

Oh Nelly, it’s about to get hot in here! On a couch, bed, or anywhere else lying down, position yourself on top of your man and take control. Start making out with him with red hot passion where you both don’t even care about oxygen anymore. Guaranteed he’ll love you taking charge every once and a while.

kissing on top

13. Hickey

You don’t have to take it so far that you actually leave a mark, but emphasizing the neck is sure to be an erotic pleasure zone. The neck contains lots of sensitive nerve endings that will escalate arousal before you even hit the sheets….or the lips!

hickey neck kiss

14. Go All Tongue

If you like tongue, and lots of it, then go for it! From any position, let only your tongues touch…then upgrade to lips later.

all tongue kiss

15. Anywhere but the Mouth

Get creative! There are so many areas to love your beau up – the neck, the stomach, the shoulder, the forehead, just to name a few. Nibble, kiss, and lick your way to as many places as you can before reaching the mouth.

nose nibble kiss

16. Kiss in the Rain

If this isn’t on your bucket list, it should be. There’s a reason almost every romance movie and novel includes an intimate kiss in the rain scene as its climax of passion, making it one of the most fantasized positions there is.

kiss in the rain notebook

17. Sweet Surprise

Using something cold like an ice cube or sweet like a strawberry, approach your husband with a surprise taste in your mouth and watch his delight as you engage his senses!

Closing Thoughts

These 17 ways are sure to add a little extra fire to your romance! Having fun with spontaneity, creativity, and sexiness is the key to ultimate pleasure. Finding new ways to indulge in them will only take your connection up a level! 

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