17 Fall Outfits For Your Body Type

Fall has arrived! But if you aren't loving the way trendy clothes look on your body, you probably aren’t dressing according to your body type.

By Alyssa Vandermeulen3 min read
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Building outfits based on your body type is the easiest way to ensure a flattering look –  which can be especially difficult when fall layers hide your best features. Instead of piling on your clothes this season, you need to determine which outer layer pieces and cozy basics will bring out your feminine curves and your personal style! 

Not sure what body type you are and what jeans you should buy? Check out our guide to answer all these questions and more!

Once you’ve established your body type, you can start building outfits that are flattering on you, not just on influencers! Knowing which features to accentuate and how to balance your body proportions will help you find pieces you look and feel good wearing all season long. 

Let’s get into it! 

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Pear Shape

If you have a pear-shaped body type, you look great in cropped jackets! Any top that accentuates your slim shoulders and sits right above your waist will be instantly flattering. Plus, cropped jackets are so cute for fall! Another great style is a bodysuit, especially a sweater bodysuit that you can pair with your favorite denim or a flowy skirt. 

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Petite women, you likely struggle with finding denim and sweaters that won’t drown you in fabric and take away from your shape. You’ll want to avoid oversized pieces as a rule – look for well-fitting tops and bottoms that will accentuate your small frame. Look for petite sizing when grabbing denim and sweaters, or opt for feminine dresses this season instead. Platform boots are also a great way to add height and dimension to your look, and these are readily available in whatever style strikes your fancy! 

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Queens of high-waisted jeans and bodycon dresses, the hourglass body shape offers you tons of different fall outfit combinations that will accentuate your waistline! Anything that cinches at the waist will be immediately flattering, like a belted sweater dress or fitted trousers. To match your proportions with your clothing, cropped sweaters with high-waisted jeans are another great option that is functional and interchangeable all season long. You can also pair your denim with sweater bodysuits and other form-fitting tops! 

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If you have an athletic build, high-waisted denim pieces are going to be your best friend this season! Pair them with a cropped sweater or top to break up your straight build and add shape. You can also opt for an oversized jacket or cardigan as the perfect layer for your fall outfits. The length and oversized fit of these jackets will draw attention away from your hips, while staying cozy and on-trend! 

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Plus Size

If you struggle to find clothes you love, you probably aren’t searching for pieces that accentuate your natural waistline! Long skirts are perfect for fall, as these skirts keep you covered while displaying your curves. High-waisted denim is another great way to shape your body, and they look great with tons of different tops. Lower cut tops, like a v-neck, will have the same flattering look, as well as a perfectly oversized sweater. 

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Abercrombie Satin Pleated Midi Skirt, $90

Old Navy Shaker Stitch Cardigan Sweater, $45

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If you have an apple body type, autumnal plaids were made for you! Rather than choosing patterned tops, opt for a cute pair of plaid trousers to draw attention away from your midsection. Patterned pants are such a fun way to draw fall tones into your wardrobe, and they’re easy to style with simple tops throughout the entire season. Oversized sweaters are another cozy way to build flattering outfits for your body type!

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Closing Thoughts

Determining your body type can help you feel more confident in what you wear every day! Try one of these fall outfits designed specifically for you and enjoy the steady flow of compliments! 

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