16 Of The Cutest Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

You’ve missed the first day or two of your period, or you’re spotting early, or you just have that feeling that something is up with your body, and then that little pink line confirms it – you’re pregnant! Who do you tell, in what order, and how?

By Greta Waldon5 min read
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Sharing the news that you’re expecting, whether it’s baby number one or number seven, will always be special. The way that you mark this moment in your family’s life is totally up to you and your husband as you let the world in on your little secret. There are some important things to consider though, as well as some fun ideas to explore, and we’ll take a look at all of it. 

Typically, a good rule of thumb is to wait until the second trimester to tell anyone who you wouldn’t also want to tell that you had a miscarriage, since most miscarriages happen in the first trimester. Knowing that, use your discretion and follow your heart. You may be someone who doesn’t mind sharing your entire journey, come-what-may, with all of your social media followers, or you may prefer to only tell close friends and families until you’re 12 weeks pregnant or more. Whatever you choose, there will be pros and cons. It can be tough to experience morning sickness without coworkers and friends knowing what you’re going through, but it can also be exciting to feel like your new baby is all yours to dream about and plan for with your immediate family for now. 

Telling the Dad-To-Be

First things first, unless he was watching the pregnancy test as obsessively as you were, chances are the first person you’re going to tell is your husband. When deciding how to tell him, ask yourself a couple of things: Can you keep the news from him long enough to plan and prepare a more dramatic reveal? Or do you want to share the joy with him right away, without any extra fanfare? You may be overflowing with emotion and simply want to hug, kiss, and tell him right away with whatever words and squeals of delight come to you. If, however, you want a little extra for the memories or the photo album, here are a few things you could try. 

Customize the Test & Snap a Photo 

If you want to surprise him with the big news, writing something sweet or funny on your pregnancy test and either leaving it for him to find or waking him up with it in the morning could be a great way to go. You can snap a photo for yourself or to share later (with his permission, of course) of that last moment before he knew his life was about to totally transform. 

Wrap Baby Clothes for Him To Open

Tell him you were out and you found something you thought he might need, and watch him slowly figure out why in the world you would think he would have any use for a sweater and shoes this small. You could also leave a onesie lying on the bed for him to discover when he gets home, or pack some baby clothes into his suitcase if the two of you are going for a trip soon. 

Give Him a Dad Gift

Share the news by giving him a dad gift. Whether it’s a book of dad jokes, a “best dad in the world” coffee mug, or a new dad survival kit, by addressing him with his new title, he’s bound to figure out what’s going on pretty quickly. If you already have kids, give him something that reveals his family is growing, like a “proud dad of 3” art print or t-shirt.  

Telling Your Families

Now that your husband knows, you two may be itching to share the news with the Grandmas and Grandpas to be, your new baby’s older siblings if they have any, as well as with your own siblings or other close family members. This step follows your own timeline and your own pacing, as you may decide to tell one side of the family first, if, for instance, one lives out of state and you’d rather wait to tell them in person, or you might get everyone together to tell them all at the same time. Here are some ideas that can work, whether you’re staggering the news, hosting a special evening to celebrate with everyone, or sharing the news over FaceTime. 

Order or Make Custom Cookies

This one will be a hit with grandparents and kids alike – find a local baker who can create custom cookies in the shape of babies, bottles, mamas with bumps, baby shoes, or whatever you think will let everyone know who’s on the horizon. For out-of-towners, you could either send them a beautifully packaged sampling of the cookies, or pictures of you and your husband enjoying them. Just make sure the pictures really show the details so they realize what you’re saying!

Drop Hints About Your Due Date

Invite your family over and leave your calendar open with a big circle or heart around your due date and the words “baby” or “due date” written for all to see. If you’re telling family over the phone or FaceTime, you could mention how you definitely can’t travel to visit them around your due date, or that someone special will be arriving on that date, or anything else that makes them pause and realize you’re talking about a specific date about nine months away. Feel free to get everyone involved by having them guess when they think baby will actually arrive.

Use Seasonal Decor

If Christmas is around the corner, you could order or make an ornament for your baby or one that shows how your family is expanding. You could also get a new stocking for baby for your mantle and see who notices the change. If it’s October, you could carve a pacifier or the word “baby” into a pumpkin, or get two normal pumpkins and a little one to represent your family. Whatever holiday you’re near or season you’re in, get creative with using seasonal elements to help announce your news to your family.

Telling Your Close Friends

After telling your families, you may want to tell your closest friends your news. This is anyone who you basically can’t keep something like this from, or who you know would be there for you if you ended up losing the pregnancy. It’s also anyone who you would rather have hear the news from you rather than from social media or word of mouth. At this point, you may have your first ultrasound photos, which introduces so many fun ways to let your friends know about your little one.

Use a Framed Ultrasound Photo Centerpiece

Invite your close friends over for dinner or a girls’ night, and casually have your first ultrasound photo framed as your centerpiece. See who notices first and let the baby shower planning begin!

Order a Mocktail

Join the girls for a night out, or ask everyone to come try the new brewery with you, but when it comes time to order, order a mocktail or juice instead of a beer or mixed drink. This works best if you normally partake in a drink or two, so that your friends instantly start to wonder what’s going on. You’ll be surprised how quickly they connect the dots!

Go Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Pick up your girlfriends or meet them for a day of shopping, only to steer them toward the maternity section to browse until they realize what’s happening. They’ll love celebrating by helping you pick out a few new pieces for your mom-to-be wardrobe

Telling Everyone Else

You’ve made it to the second trimester, or you’re just plain ready for the world to know that someone special is on the way. Here are some ideas for sharing the news with a wider audience that let you dive into your own creativity and excitement. 

Share a Mini Bump Photo

If you’re announcing before you really pop, you can still share a mini bump photo. Have your husband put his hands under your belly button with a sweet caress, and the visual suggestion will be enough for your friends and followers to get the idea. Plus, it can be a fun way to track your bump as it grows by taking a similar picture each month.

Do a Candid Photoshoot with Your Ultrasound

There’s something so nice about candid photos. They give a genuine, cozy glimpse into your excitement as you memorialize the news with a full photoshoot. You can hire a professional or ask a friend with a good eye and camera to capture you and your husband or family basking in the glow while dreaming of meeting baby with your ultrasound photos.

Put Your News on a Mini Cake

A little cake for your little one – this one is as delicious as it is memorable. Not only do you and your husband get to enjoy the cake afterward, but you have a great way to share your news that really feels like a celebration.

Share a “Recipe for a Baby”

Pose with some baking tools, flour, an apron, and a letter board that shares a “recipe for a baby.” If you have a toddler or older siblings already, they’ll love getting messy and dressing up for the occasion. 

Make a Fake Newspaper Announcement 

Share your news the old fashioned way – by newspaper! The sky's the limit with how many headlines you include and how dressed up you want to be while you pose with your black and white announcement. This one is perfect if you and your husband have a flair for drama.

Share a Baby Shoes & Bump Photo

If you’re sharing your news when you’re a little further along and have a cute bump already, pairing a tiny pair of newborn shoes with your favorite maternity dress is a fun and classic way to get the word out. You can do a close up of just your bump and the shoes, or a pulled back shot of your full outfit and glowy face. 

Ultrasound with Baby Clothes

Snapping a picture or video of your ultrasound with some darling baby clothes is another classic way to go. You can really personalize this by thinking about location and whether or not you or your own clothes will be in the photo or video as well to suggest your growing family.

Closing Thoughts

However you tell whoever you tell whenever you tell them, your pregnancy announcement is a special time to share the joy of new beginnings with your loved ones in your own way. I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration to shape this memorable and magical event. Most of all – congratulations!

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