15 Summer Date Ideas That Aren’t Picnics

By Keelia Clarkson··  4 min read
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We love a picnic as much as the next person, but sometimes, we’re in the mood for something different.

These warm, long summer days make us want to get out of the house for a sweet, summery date with our man — but we gotta be honest, we're kind of over all of the picnic recommendations. We're ready to switch things up with other creative and exciting date ideas that don't require us to plan the perfect spread or sit uncomfortably in the grass for an hour. To solve this dilemma, we’ve come up with 15 date ideas that aren’t picnics to fill your summer with romance and adventure.

1. See a Drive-In Movie

We all love a good movie date, but make it summer-y by going to a drive-in movie. Pick up some snacks or burgers on the way, crank down the windows, and enjoy the newest film all while appreciating a warm summer night.

2. Go on a Hike

There’s no better time to head out for a hike than summer, so take your guy along with you and turn it into a fun, adventurous date! Pack some trail mix and a refreshing mocktail to enjoy once you’ve reached the end of your hike.

3. Do a Restaurant Tour

Take your basic dinner date and make it way more fun — start off with appetizers at one spot, switch to another for dinner, hit up an ice cream shop for dessert, and grab cocktails at a little lounge to finish off the night.

4. Plan a Day Trip

Plan out a date that lasts the whole day if you’re really ready for some adventure. Get breakfast at a local cafe, pick a destination (lake, small town, carnival, etc.) that’s an hour or two away, and just explore the area like a couple of tourists. Keep your plans loose to make for a relaxing day.

5. Visit a Farmer’s Market

You never know what goodies you’ll come across at a farmer’s market! Grab a couple of coffees or pastries to munch on while you explore what the vendors have to offer.

6. Go to the Driving Range

No one said you had to be a pro golfer to have fun at the driving range. Enjoy a long ramble through the plush grass and let him give you some tips on your form.

7. Go Stargazing

Summer dates don’t have to be during the day, right? Whether on a rooftop, in the middle of a field, or on a mountaintop, bring a blanket to lay out, a playlist for background music, and gaze up at the stars as you talk the evening away.

8. Visit an Amusement Park

Is there anything more perfect for a summer date than a theme park? Get there bright and early, and spend the day traipsing around the park and indulging in sweet treats.

9. Hit Up the Batting Cages

Why not get in a little bit of exercise on a summer date? Head over to the batting cages for a fun activity and maybe some healthy competition (see who can hit more balls!).

10. Go for a Bike Ride

Dust off the bikes that have been hidden away in the garage or rent a couple and ride around from spot to spot. Start off going to a fun cafe or bookstore, then grab some ice cream, and eventually head home for a rom-com movie night.

11. Do a Beach or Lake Day

Summer isn’t complete without visiting some body of water. Whether you live on the coast or know of a lake nearby, go for a swim, bring some snacks, and work on your summer tan.

12. Find an Outdoor Concert

Make the most of these warm days and nights (they’ll disappear fast!) by enjoying some music outside. Plan out a dinner date and head to an outdoor concert at a park or fun venue afterwards.

13. Get Painting

So what if you’re no Monet? Get some paint supplies and take them out somewhere you find beautiful — a park, the ocean, or a forest — and allow your surroundings to inspire you to each create your own painting. Bring along some wine for extra fun.

14. Go Wine Tasting

Speaking of wine, can you think of a better time to go wine tasting than summer? Put on an elegant summer dress and feel extra fancy as you sip and sample.

15. Visit a Shooting Range

While it’s definitely not your classic date idea, going to a shooting range is the perfect adventure for summer. Embrace a new experience and let him show you a trick or two.

Closing Thoughts

Take advantage of the season and get creative with your dates!

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