15 Nontoxic Household Products To Help You Enter Your Crunchy Era

Who says you have to spend an arm and a leg to be mindful of your health? Here’s a list of clean and affordable household products to help you embrace your “crunchy” era.

By Anna Hugoboom2 min read
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These days, crunchy means being health-conscious and having an investment mindset toward quality and longevity. Hot girls now are more in tune with their bodies, and know that their lifestyle choices present certain consequences for their health. Whereas it used to be considered weird or even borderline New-Agey to lean on the natural side, we’ve now seen the tables turn.

However, a common misconception is that it’s still super expensive to be healthy and buy clean products. This is simply not true. You can dip your toe into nontoxic products without overhauling your entire home and spending a fortune. And if you pick multi-purpose products, then you’re actually spending less in the long run and protecting your lungs in the process. It has been shown that frequent exposure to cleaning products can accelerate the natural decline of your lung health. Seriously, using toxic chemicals to "clean" our environment? Smells fishy, Big Pharma.

So, we’re going to unpack which clean brands are the most important and most frequently used. Besides the specific brand sites, you can find these products on Thrive Market and Amazon. 

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It seems almost all savvy homemakers swear by Norwex! Most of their cleaning products don’t require any cleaning spray, you just wet and wipe, and they remove 99% of bacteria with no chemicals needed. Some of their most popular items are:

Norwex Superior Mop System, $146

Norwex Dusting Mitt, $22

Nowex Basic Package Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, $47

Mrs. Meyer’s 

Mrs. Meyer’s is an iconic addition to any crunchy cleaning closet. These products are essential oil-based and chemical-free. And the fresh fragrances are garden-inspired, so your house will smell like Lady Spring made herself right at home! Enter your options:

Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, $5

Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap, $5

Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap, $5

Mrs. Meyer’s Laundry Detergent, $18

Branch Basics

Need non-toxic laundry soap and natural cleaning sprays? You’re covered. Branch Basics even has glass bottle options so you can refill your cleaning products into something besides the toxic (and generic) plastic bottles. Grab the starter kit to get the whole cleaning package! 

Branch Basics Premium Starter Kit in Glass, $125

Branch Basics Cleaning Essentials Kit, $67

Branch Basics Gel Hand Soap, $45

Branch Basics Laundry Kit, $69

Seventh Generation

From plant-based ingredients to sustainable packaging, Seventh Generation has been a top player in the natural cleanliness sphere for a long time. My mom raised us with this brand. Of course, they have their naturally scented disinfectant sprays and wipes that kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses (so much healthier than breathing Lysol), and now they have natural baby diapers too. Away with the plastic fibers and rashes on your baby’s booty! Check them out: 

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby Diapers, $15

Seventh Generation Disinfectant Wipes, $8

Seventh Generation Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner, $15

Seventh Generation Disinfectant Spray, $6

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