15 Non-Sexual Ways To Show Your Man Appreciation

We all want to feel loved in our relationships. Sometimes your guy might buy you flowers or rub your feet. Maybe he’ll watch your favorite movie or help with dinner. While men have their ways of showing love and affection, there are a few ways you can reciprocate.

By Chloë Lemaster3 min read
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1. Help Him with a Project

Men are constantly working on little tasks here and there. From building things to cleaning their car, there’s usually something their weekend is calling them to do. And what’s better than being helped? Being helped by your girlfriend or wife. Putting aside some of your own time to help out your man is a great way to show how much he means to you. Plus, it’ll help you knock out the project quicker so you both can get to the quality time you want with each other.

2. Give Him a Massage

After a long day of work, few things feel better than getting the tension and stress rubbed out of your muscles. Giving a massage is a feminine way to nurture your man into relaxation. 

3. Fix Him a Nice Meal

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, what can we say? You might already be making three meals a day for this man, but when is the last time you set up candles, fixed two of his favorite sides, and dressed up for when he got home? Making dinner a relaxing and stress-free event for your man is a great way to show you care for both his heart and his stomach. 

4. Read His Favorite Book to Him

Not every gesture of appreciation has to be extravagant. Actually, most don’t. Men are creatures of simplicity. If your man is into books, a great way to spend time with him and show you’re interested in his hobbies is to read one of his favorite books. Sit down with each other and read the book aloud. It’ll make for great bonding, and your man will appreciate the gesture and time with you. 

5. Get Him a Thoughtful Gift

I know I’m not the only one who thinks men are impossible to shop for. Nevertheless, finding something that reminds you of your man is a great way to show him a little extra love. Gifts don’t have to be overdone or expensive; something small that says “this reminded me of you” does the job just as well. 

6. Tidy His Personal Space

Keeping your man’s life simple when he comes home is a great way to show you care. After working all day, your husband is probably already tired. To come home to a clean room or dinner made is a simple way to show how much you appreciate his hard work. Cleaning up his desk area, making his bed, or organizing his closet is knocking out a task he no longer needs to worry about.  

7. Compliment Him on Something You Wouldn’t Normally Mention

Compliments are simple, but they go a long way, especially for men, since they aren’t as commonly directed toward them. Maybe you’ve always thought your man has nice eyelashes, but you’ve never said so. Or you like how he makes your coffee, organizes something of his, or cracks the best jokes. Letting him know that even the little things he does are special to you will really show him how much he is loved by you.

8. Dress Up and Go Out

Take the planning pressure off your man this time and set the date up yourself. Go all out, even if it’s a picnic. Dress up in something he likes, think of what foods he loves, and create a night that's catered to him. Making an exciting evening is a surefire way to let your man know he’s on your mind and you appreciate everything he does. 

9. Use His Love Language

It’s easy to focus on our own love language in a relationship because we tend to give what we want to be given. But we aren’t always in relationships with people who have the same love language as us. Evaluate your man, ask him questions, or even have him take the love language quiz to see where he stands. It makes for perfect grounds to see how you need to be loving him.

10. Create a Playlist

Some may call it cheesy, but you can’t deny that music is an eye into the soul. Creating a playlist for your boyfriend or husband of songs that remind you of him or your relationship is a great way to show how much you appreciate him. Songs you both love, songs he’s shown you, songs that have played during monumental moments in your relationship, all these are the perfect songs to add to a mix that brings on a wave of nostalgia and appreciation for your beau.

11. Support His Passions and Dreams 

All of us have dreams. That includes your man. They might be small or grand, but they're his. Having a supportive wife and girlfriend makes all the difference in a man’s pursuit of passion and happiness. As humans living in a busy society, we tend to push others’ dreams out of our own vision because we don’t have time for that ourselves. But when you’re in a relationship, the understanding that you’re both growing together leaves plenty of room to encourage and support your man’s dreams and passions.

12. Write Him a Heartfelt Note 

What more can be said about this? Writing your thoughts out and turning them into a sweet keepsake is a great way to show appreciation and let your man know you’re thinking of him. Something as simple as an “I love you” in his lunchbox is extra enough.

13. Listen to Him

Say what you will about gender equality, but there’s no denying that men have been raised in a way that encourages them to keep a constant guard up on their emotions. Being a safe space for your man to talk and release is a wonderful way to show your love for him. 

14. Give Respect

Whether he’s a boss, a student, or an entry-level employee, your man has probably dealt with a day of being downtrodden and belittled. When he comes home, he certainly doesn’t want to listen to the same song. Listening and caring and letting your man be himself are all ways to show that you respect him as a person and partner. Speaking kindly and encouraging him that he’s doing a good job will help him relax and feel that he’s more valuable as an asset to not just his relationship, but other fields in his life as well. 

15. Let Him Know. Just Say it. 

Sometimes you don’t have to show how much you appreciate your man. Some days it’s enough to just say it. In between busy schedules and hectic lives, it’s nice to hear that your man is in a relationship with you because of. . .well, you. A simple “I’m so happy I’m with you,” “I’m glad you’re the one,” or “You mean so much to me” could be enough to make your man feel validated and appreciated in his relationship with you.

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