15 Beautiful Hair Trends You’re Going To See Everywhere This Fall

As we transition into the coziest season of the year, let's look at the trendiest hairstyles that are taking over this fall!

By Simone Sydel4 min read
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As many of us are sadly aware, the sun isn't your hair's best friend, and as summer is slowly coming to an end, we’re left to deal with dry, washed-off, and brassy hair that's in desperate need of a refresh. This is why fall is when we usually embrace more natural hues and opt for reparative cuts that will help our strands bounce back to life and shine brighter than ever before.

After scouring social media and taking notes from our favorite influencers and celebs, we compiled a list of 15 hairstyles that you can expect to see this fall!

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Birkin Bangs

Fall is the season of bangs. And as such, we look forward to a new style every year. This time around, it's the Birkin bang! 

A nod to the British actress/model Jane Birkin and muse for the world's most famous bag, the Birkin bangs have sharp corners that frame the face but aren't a full, blunt fringe that will close off your features. Short and straight enough to make a statement, this fringe style is still uniquely soft enough to add a touch of femininity and capture that timeless elegance of Parisian women.

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Chin-Skimming Bob

Dubbed “the bob of the fall” by celebrity stylists, the chin-skimming bob is a chic, elegant, and cozy hairstyle we'll be admiring everywhere this season. And the best part about it? It can totally work on all hair textures. Whether your strands are pin-straight or the curliest of them all, a chin-skimming bob will add that touch of elegance to any outfit and make you instantly stand out.

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Butterfly Bob

Currently sported by drop-dead gorgeous celebrity Zendaya, the butterfly bob is taking over our Instagram feeds and making us all want to go for a dramatic chop. The perfect middle ground between a classic bob and a lob, this feminine hairstyle features longer layers, a face-framing form of curtain bangs, and lots of volume and bouncy texture. 

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Wavy Lob

If you chopped your hair into a bob for the summer, and you feel torn about whether to do it all over again or just let it grow out, you should know that the wavy lob is definitely a style you can rock this season. Between a bob and long hair, the wavy lob is the ideal hairstyle for those who want to keep their length but add a bit of texture and movement. This low-maintenance, timeless look is always appropriate, totally chic, and looks fantastic on all hair types.

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Softly Flipped Ends

Softly flipped ends on a bob or lob are the perfect way to instantly add a touch of glamour to your hair while also creating the illusion of fullness. The key to achieving this look is to use a flat iron to softly flip the ends for a subtle flick that looks natural and effortless. Once you're happy with the result, spray some texture spray for extra hold, and you're all set.

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Polished to Perfection

With heat and humidity finally starting to drop, you can get back to using your flat iron and blow dryer without worrying about your hair turning into a frizzy mess as soon as you step outdoors. This time of the year is definitely the right moment to go for a sleek and polished hairstyle that will make heads turn.

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Elegant Upstyle

On your hot girl walk? Or just running errands? Either way, an elegant upstyle can take your look to the next level with minimal effort and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, even if you're just wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Pair it with statement earrings and expect all the compliments wherever you go.

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Natural Curls

Natural curls are a fantastic way to embrace your beauty during the cozy season. From bouncy curls to tight ringlets, let your natural curls highlight your authenticity and make you feel like the stylish queen that you are.

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Face-Framing Layers

Long, face-framing layers are definitely on trend this season, as more and more women are embracing their natural texture and going for styles that will enhance it. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, layering is the key to creating a look that is polished but not too structured or stiff. You also get the benefit of an added volume boost!

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Waterfall Layers

Fantastic for adding body and movement to your hair, waterfall layers are characteristic of that soft, rounded V-shape at the back that makes all the difference in the bounce. This style, in particular, is an excellent choice for those whose hair suffered during this summer's heatwave and needs a little refreshing without necessarily sacrificing length. If you're looking for something between long and mid-length that looks effortless yet put together, then waterfall layers are the perfect option for you this season.

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Cinnamon Cookie Butter Hair

Regardless of this hairstyle's title becoming a viral TikTok joke, the hue will definitely shake up this fall season – we’re already seeing a massive uptick of celebrities, influencers, and everyday women sporting the caramel gold shade with a subtle copper reflection. So, if you want to switch up your appearance without going too drastic while remaining on trend for fall, this warm hue is a great start!

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Honey Bronde

Honey bronde is not your conventional blonde! Instead, it's an ideal mix of brown and blonde, bringing forth a warm hue that doesn't lean entirely toward either end of the spectrum, hence the portmanteau “bronde.”

This look is perfect for those who want to brighten up their hair without making a bold blonde statement or tone down the brassy hues that are the likely result of spending too much time in the sun. Its rich, honeyed tones make it a perfect fit for the fall palette, and when worn in loose waves, it can add depth and dimension to your hair, providing a subtle transition that suits a variety of skin tones.

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Cherry Cola

With the ultra-viral cherry cola lip trend still going strong on TikTok and red being the color of the season, it's no wonder that this hue is becoming a popular fall hair trend.

Cherry cola is an excellent choice for those who want to give their hair a modern and fun twist without looking over the top. Subtle and versatile, the cherry cola boasts rich mahogany tones that sit between red and violet, making it the perfect muted transition shade for those who tend to avoid drastic hair changes.

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Proudly debuted by Miley Cyrus, the two-toned hair trend is a great way to get creative and add more drama to your look.

Definitely a style more suitable to the bolder of us, two-tone hair will undoubtedly make you stand out from the crowd and emphasize your features in a unique way. Whether you choose two different tones of the same color or completely contrasting hues – such as Miley's darker chunks of brunette scattered through her mid-length cut – this unique style will definitely turn heads for all the right reasons.

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Cowboy Copper

Copper is another super hot hair color this fall, so much so that TikTok has given us a copper hair filter to make sure we get in on the trend. A beautiful combination of red and brown, copper is a super flattering shade that will blend seamlessly with the season's colors. So if you’ve been thinking of pulling a bold hair move, draw attention to your look with this gorgeous hue, even if that's just with a few highlights.

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Closing Thoughts

As we welcome the cozy fall season, it's the perfect time to embrace change and explore these trendy hairstyles that will upgrade your look effortlessly. Whether you're drawn to the richness of cherry cola, are looking to lighten any brassy strands after the summer, or want to give yourself a total glow-up with a different haircut, the new trends for this fall certainly have something for everyone's taste. So, choose the style that makes you feel fabulous, and step into the new season with a fresh new look.

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