13 Ways To Support Your Husband When He’s Having A Hard Time

Sometimes, our husbands are going through a season of life that is just really hard. Maybe it’s a very stressful project at work with a strict deadline looming, or his parent has received a scary health diagnosis. Whatever it is, as his wife and teammate, we play a big role in supporting our husbands and helping carry them through this tough time.

By Paula Gallagher2 min read
Pexels/Маргарита Архангельская

In times like these, we might fall back on the five love languages to help us make sure we are supporting and loving our spouses in the way they really need it. Sometimes this is challenging for us if our love language is different from our husband’s. For example, my primary love language is physical affection, but my husband's is words of affirmation, and I often struggle to remember to give him words of praise or gratitude. It’s more instinctive for me to give him a hug or touch him as I walk by. While I think the five love languages can be helpful, I don’t think they are the end all, be all. If you want to really shower and encompass someone in love, then I think it’s wise to utilize all five love languages.

Here are some ideas for practical ways you can love and support your husband in all five love languages that, if you really need to, you could do all in one day.

1. Give him a big hug and kiss in the morning. (physical affection)

2. Ask him if there’s anything you can do for him while he is at work today, like a chore or a phone call. (works of service)

3. Tell him he looks handsome in his work clothes. (words of affirmation)

4. Sneak a handwritten love note into his lunch sack or work bag. (words of affirmation)

5. Send flirty or encouraging texts throughout the day. (words of affirmation)

6. Cook his favorite meal for dinner. (gifts)

7. Greet him at the front door with a smile and a hug and a kiss when he gets home from work. (physical affection)

8. Praise him and thank him for all the hard work he does to provide for you and your family. (words of affirmation)

9. Let him decompress when he gets home from work. (works of service)

10. Ask him how he’s feeling and really listen. (quality time)

11. Make all the arrangements for a date night so all he has to do is show up. (quality time)

12. Offer him a hand, foot, shoulder, or full body massage. (physical affection)

13. Initiate sex. (physical affection)

If you do all 13 of these in one day, I can practically guarantee you will help your husband have a great day, regardless of his circumstances. When we build up our husbands, they want to reciprocate the love and support. The mutual, loving self-gift of husband and wife in words and actions builds a happy marriage.

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