12 Fun Bachelor Party Ideas That Don't Involve Strippers

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Let's can the toxic tradition of men hitting the strip clubs before walking down the aisle once and for all, shall we? While some men may not be aware of the night's agenda because their groomsmen planned it as a surprise, others use the excuse that they are simply following tradition or aren't sure what else to do.

If you're reading this and find yourself nodding along, resolving this dilemma may be as simple as coming up with some other creative ideas to celebrate with the boys before you say "I do." Or you may have clicked on this article because you're searching for ways to give a not-so-subtle hint to your fiancé that a "harmless" lap dance is off the table for him (send him this article!). Either way, we took the liberty of coming up with 12 fun ideas that don’t involve the strip clubs, still provoke plenty of fun, and won’t jeopardize relationships in the process.

1. Hit the Paintball Park

Paintball parks are some of the best places to go to let loose and share lots of laughs! Making a day of it and then hitting a bar or a steakhouse afterwards could be a great way to bond with the boys.


2. Go on a Camping Trip

Pack a tent and some beers, and head for the mountains. It’ll be refreshing to get out in the great outdoors to ease the stress of planning a wedding and enjoy some fresh air before saying “I do.” With days filled with scenic hikes, kayaking, and floating in the river, what’s not to love?


3. Have a Poker Night

Order in takeout, light your favorite cigars, and try your luck in a hand of poker with the guys. Hey, maybe you’ll win some extra cash to take on the honeymoon!

poker night

4. Enjoy a Whiskey Tasting

Hire a car for the day to take you and the boys around town to the best bars and opt for top-shelf whiskey. You could even plan a private whiskey tasting with a local expert who can share an assortment of varieties that are sure to please the palate.

whisky night

5. Go to a Shooting Range

Put your skills to the test with a day at the shooting range. Especially if the groom has a love for hunting, this activity will for sure be a crowd-pleaser!


6. Golf Your Favorite Course

A sunny day spent on an 18-hole course seems like the perfect way to swing from fiancé to hubby. Pair that with a night at your favorite brewery, and you and the boys are sure to have a blast!

golfing in rain

7. Play Pool

Challenge your friends to an irresistible game of pool. Some healthy competition is always a feel-good way to usher in a memorable night with the guys that everyone can partake in. 

paying pool heart

8. Go on a Fishing Trip

There’s nothing more serene than packing a cooler and taking it to the lake for a day of fishing. This is a mellow, low-maintenance, relaxing option that still packs lots of amazing memories.


9. Go to a Concert

Good music, good drinks, and good company is the trilogy of a fun night! Find out where your favorite band will be playing next and splurge on some front-row tickets.

concert dancing

10. Plan a Road Trip

Was there ever a place you really wanted to go but never got the chance? Maybe somewhere like the Grand Canyon or another national treasure? This is a great time to finally check the box off your list! Gather the boys for a fun road trip. Make some stops at local bars and restaurants along the way. And of course, be sure to compile an epic playlist!

road trip

11. Attend a Sporting Event

Sundays are already for the boys anyway, right? Take it up a notch by purchasing box seats to the next game. If you and the guys are sports fanatics and share a love for a particular team, then get tickets to see them live in action!

football dance

12. Go to an Arcade

Whether it’s a chain like Dave and Buster’s or a local arcade that has teamed up with a cidery, the guys can enjoy a bit of healthy competition in a lowkey and fun environment complete with food and alcohol. 


Closing Thoughts

Needless to say, there are plenty of fun, memorable, and manly activities that don't involve paying women to strip down. This list is just a start! Bringing the groomsmen together to bond over their love of whiskey, compete in a ruthless game of paintball, or witness your fiancé's favorite football player score a touchdown firsthand is sure to be more fulfilling (and less disastrous) than entertaining distractions the night before he meets you at the altar.

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