11 Ways To Embrace The Art of Hygge And Make Your Home Feel Cozier This Winter

Denmark is often ranked as the happiest country in the world. Some think this is largely related to their way of living, even during the long winter months, known as hygge. Embrace this art to help you avoid the winter blues.

By Hannah Leah3 min read
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Hygge can be defined as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” It is pronounced “hoo-guh,” and being a Danish term, there is no exact translation to English. The closest translation that many use to describe it is “cozy.” Birchbox explains hygge as “Designing a cozy environment in your home or office, enjoying the simple things like the company of friends and family, taking the time to unwind, and slowing down the pace of life are all central to hygge.” 

When I think of hygge, I imagine getting home from a crazy day, throwing on some loungewear or pajamas, and cuddling up in a fuzzy blanket with a book or movie. Hygge could also be cooking soup, opening a bottle of wine, lighting candles or a fire in the fireplace, and sitting around eating and talking with friends or family all evening. Your home can also contribute to your experience of hygge. Decorate your space to feel cozy and warm with calming decor that feels like somewhere you can unwind. 

Here are 11 ways to embrace hygge to make your home feel cozier this winter.

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1. Neutral Toned Home Decor

Decorating your home (or wherever you’re trying to incorporate hygge) is all about creating a place that feels inviting and comfortable. If you want to understand what that means, think about places that you enjoy going to and places you don’t. I'm sure you can think of the different homes you’ve been in where you either felt like you could cozy up on the couch and go to sleep, or you felt like things had to be a certain way otherwise chaos would ensue. Make your home a place where you can relax. 

As far as decor goes, neutral tones would be the way to go for a comfortable setting. Think of soft whites, beige, and warm neutrals that are clean, calm, and inviting.

2. All the Fuzzy Blankets and Pillows

MasterClass suggests decorating with soft textiles such as throw blankets, throw pillows, area rugs, and soft blankets. Whatever feels like a “hug.” Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up in this fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket, lean back on this Faux Fur Pillow, and relax? 

3. Bring Nature Inside 

You can also add natural decor pieces to your home such as a fireplace, wooden decor, plants, etc. Your guests will feel close to nature and peaceful with decor like this, and it will go well with the neutral tones in the house, especially if your plants are in Rattan Woven Plant Stands or this earthen Anthropologie Vase.

You can also think about the lighting in the room. String lights or warm lighting to set the mood are the way to go, like these Globe String Lights

4. Make Your Home Smell Good 

MasterClass also recommends adjusting the scent of the house to be comforting: “There’s a reason realtors suggest baking cookies before an open house – the familiar scent of a childhood home creates a cozy and welcoming environment. Instead of mixing up a batch of cookies, try scented candles. Warm aromas like ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, or orange contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.” If you lean toward clean smells, try this Lavender and Eucalyptus Candle, or try this floral fruity Botanical Candle. Other options include simmer pots and essential oil diffusers.

5. Wear Something Comfortable

There are no specific requirements for clothing that aligns with hygge, just something that makes you feel at home and cozy. As much as it boosts our confidence to dress up and go out, it’s nice to come home and change into something relaxing. This Lotta Love Romper comes in neutral shades and is both feminine and relaxed. Or, for a more traditional lounging experience, try this Tommy Hilfiger Lounge Set or this Cropped Cord Lounge Pullover.

6. Pick Up a Good Book

We’re all pretty guilty of being glued to our phones throughout the day. It’s hard not to be when we rely on it for our communication, work, calendar, and entertainment. But take some time to get away from it. It actually increases anxiety when you spend too much time on your phone. Instead, unwind with a good book. You could even cuddle up under a blank and listen to an audiobook.

7. Light Candles or Use Your Fireplace

The softer, warmer, more natural light that candles give off is inherently cozy and friendly. And nothing gives winter comfort like a roaring fire. Embrace “old fashioned” methods of light and heat to balance out the wintery dark and cold.

8. Cook a Warming Meal 

Winter is the time for hot meals, and what better meal than a hearty soup or stew to warm you up from the inside? The process of making soup from scratch, the smell filling the house, and the coziness of a hot bowl are all very hygge.

9. Make a Hot Drink

You probably already do this one, but hot drinks are also very hygge! They’re the perfect companion to your blanket, book, and fireplace. Warm up a mug of tea or lemon water with a cinnamon stick.

10. Take a Bubble Bath

Another way to unwind is with a nice hot bubble bath. Light a candle, turn on some calming music, and relax in the tub. Take this time to reflect on your day and to enjoy the moment, or get a few chapters into your newest book. 

11. Surround Yourself with People You Love 

The people who love and care about you are the ones who feel the most like home. Surround yourself with these people and enjoy time spent together. Plan a cozy, carefree night in with loved ones, a movie, and some snacks.

Closing Thoughts

There are so many ways you can embrace the art of hygge. It might look different for everyone depending on what your ways of relaxing and what being comfortable looks like for you. Start with your home and make it a space that invites you in and makes you want to relax. Then dress for comfort and do whatever it is that makes you feel content and happy. Giving yourself some time to unwind will help you conquer whatever comes your way. 

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