11 Simple Ways To Romanticize Your Home

Life is beautiful, and slowing down to take note of that is a worthy endeavor. Your home is the perfect place to do just that.

By Molly Farinholt3 min read
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Home is, in and of itself, a romantic idea. It’s the stage upon which the real drama of life unfolds. It’s the place where your days begin and end. It’s a dwelling, a retreat, a haven. Home should be a beautiful, comfortable, pleasant, and idyllic reflection of you. It should be filled with reminders that life is oh-so-lovely. If you’re not sure how to bring charm into your interior, start with these simple ideas:

Arrange Some Flowers in a Vase 

Blurring the line between nature and your home is a perfect way to help you stop and smell the roses – literally. Make it part of your weekly routine to pop by your local farmers’ market or florist (the supermarket works, too), and choose a bouquet that brings a smile to your face. Arrange it in a beautiful vase (or a Mason jar), and let it bring joy to you all week. Pull in some potted plants to up the greenery in your home. Let yourself fall in love with the simple chore of waltzing around your house, watering can in hand, to water all of your peace lilies and fiddle-leaf figs. 

Purchase Antique Pieces

Your furniture can tell stories. Be meticulous about the pieces that you bring into your home. Choose furniture not just for its function, but for its beauty and craftsmanship. Find pieces at consignment and antique shops and estate sales. Refinish them until they fit your style. Discover where the pieces came from, how they were made, how old they are, and anything else unique about them. Revel in reclining at a table that has a history or displaying your China in a hutch that has been passed down for generations. 

Choose Better Lighting 

There’s nothing less lovely than harsh lighting. Lamps, candles, and natural light, on the other hand, can bring a sense of serenity to your home. How much more delightful it is to have sunlight spilling over the pages of your book, candles flickering on your dinner table, or the low light of lamps illuminating your office space! 

Open Your Windows

Princesses are always throwing open their windows, singing to the birds, and gazing at the sky. Obviously, there’s something fairytale-esque about pulled back curtains and open windows! Let fresh air into your home, and just see if it doesn’t make you feel like twirling about and singing.

Go Natural 

Opt for natural textiles and sustainable fabrics like linen, wool, and silk, instead of synthetic materials (just say farewell to polyester and plastic). Not only are natural textiles better for your health, but they also look and feel more luxurious. Imagine taking a mid-afternoon siesta on a linen sofa while your silk curtains flutter in the breeze from the open window. 

Fill Your Bookshelves 

Curling up with a good book is one of the best ways to romanticize your life. So, fill your home with books! They’re one of the most underrated pieces of decor you can have in your home. Rows of colorful books arranged on shelves, curated stacks on coffee tables, and, of course, a well-loved novel lying around here or there – books just have a way of adding inexhaustible interest to a space. And, of course, they offer far, far more than decoration. They bring knowledge, wisdom, and wonder into life!

Make Your Kitchen Smell Sweet

The smell of bread or cookies or (insert the favorite treat your mom used to make) baking is one of those staple simple pleasures in life. Commit to a sweet-smelling kitchen by slowing down, staying home, and baking. You'll not only create sweet aromas, but you'll also be more than ready to host unexpected guests (or surprise your husband with goodies when he gets home).

Set the Table 

On that note, a set table is the perfect way to send a message of hospitality. We all need more dinner parties and spontaneous chats over tea. So pull out the placemats, pretty plates, silverware, cloth napkins, and seasonal touches, and have your dining room table ready for company. 

Display Art 

One of the most obvious ways to bring more beauty into your home is by displaying art. Frame pieces from your artistic friend (or your zealous 4-year-old), purchase prints of your favorite masterpieces, or find interesting works from a local artist. Good art should inspire contemplation and convey truth. Why would you not want beautiful art hanging on your walls? 

Declutter, but Be Okay with a Well-Earned Mess

Clutter can send your mind into a frenzy, so adopt the "less is more" mantra and rid your house of excess stuff. You'll feel more free to relax, be creative, and enjoy the little tasks if you can move and think and breathe in a tidy space. That said, don't shun all messes. Your home is also where life happens, and some of the best parts of life are messy. So, revel in flour-dusted counters, leaning towers of dinner dishes, toy-strewn floors, book-covered couches, and a desk buried beneath your latest creative endeavor. You want a decluttered home, but not a sterile, unlived-in one. 

Hang a Wreath

A seasonal wreath is a must for the romantic home. It's a way to be present to the changing seasons and a way to celebrate holidays. It's a warm welcome to those who knock on your door. It's like a bow on a package, icing on the cake, a cherry on top of your ice cream. A wreath just brings it all together and boldly states, "This is a well-loved home."

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