11 Places To Shop Instead Of Target For Cute Summer Clothes

Following the Target controversy, women are looking for new places to shop for warm-weather fashion. Here are some options that won't sell you stuff designed by a satanist.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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Target has come under scrutiny following the introduction of its new Pride collection, featuring apparel from the UK brand Abprallen. The controversy stems from the designer's endorsement of satanic imagery and expression of satanist views. Abprallen, headed by a trans-identified person named Erik, is known for producing garments featuring bold, dark themes juxtaposed with LGBTQ+ positive messages. In an Instagram post last year, Erik expressed comfort in being referred to as a "demon" and described the concept of a "trans demon" as "pretty damn cool."

Items in the collaborative collection with Target include sweatshirts and tote bags carrying slogans like “live laugh lesbian,” “cure transphobia not trans people,” “too queer for here,” and “we belong everywhere.” Some designs from Abprallen, known for its satanic imagery, carry messages like “Satan respects pronouns.” The controversy surrounding the Pride collection also extended to a product labeled as "tuck-friendly." Social media users claimed that Target was marketing these swimsuits to children. (In response, Target claimed that the bathing suits were intended for adults. Still.) Needless to say, consumers were unhappy with the merchandise and have decided to boycott the popular corporation. The controversy appears to have affected Target's stock price, with a reported 1.9% decline.

Many women are now looking for new places to get cute summer clothing that isn't created by satanists. Here are some options for you.

Mimi Vie

Whether you're heading to class, spending a hot summer day with your kids, or planning for a vacation, the feminine, flattering pieces at Mimi Vie will help you feel polished, pretty, and comfortable.

Christy Dawn

The dreamy, ultrafeminine brand prides itself on creating pieces that are environmentally conscious. You can find some lovely sundresses, maternity items, comfy sandals, and flirty blouses from Christy Dawn. It doesn't hurt that just about every item is Instagrammable.

House of CB

House of CB
House of CB

This British brand has a range of girly clothes that can fulfill a more sexy look or an ethereal look. Other than dresses, skirts, and tops, you can also find some swimwear if you have a vacation coming up this summer. They offer free shipping to the U.S. to boot.

Altar'd State

It's always a win when you find beautiful clothing that has a good story behind it. Altar'd State's mission is to "give more than we receive," and every item you buy is one step closer to helping underprivileged children in need. Take your pick of pastel dresses, cute dad hats, strappy sandals, corset tops, and more.

Cotton Flower

Founded in 2014, Cotton Flower brings you the best cotton from Thailand and delivers cozy, natural clothing. With lots of neutral hues to choose from, you can live through the entirety of summer in an airy skirt that is more comfortable than pajamas.


Elevated basics are exactly what you'll find at Everlane, a clothing and shoes company that produces consciously crafted clothing in classy, flattering silhouettes. Find the perfect outfits for everything from your summer vacation to your coworker's wedding.

Hill House Home

What started as selling sheets and duvets turned into a powerhouse brand that is all things feminine and timeless. The famous Nap Dress comes in a wide variety of colors and prints, and it complements all body types. The Hill House summer collection just dropped, including many brand new styles to drool over.

Carly Jean Los Angeles

"Intentional clothing for intentional women" is Carly Jean's bio, and the brand has much to offer women who want to look cute and feel comfortable throughout the summer months. You can find the perfect pair of jeans, an adorable sundress, or the perfect lounge-around-the-house fit.

Favorite Daughter

Founded by hilarious (and beautiful) sisters Sara and Erin Foster, Favorite Daughter brings a modern, fresh take on some of the classic feminine silhouettes. Of course, you'll find some beautiful dresses for the warm months, but you might also be surprised at how much you love things like their wide-legged pants and Favorite Suit. Their items are on the pricier side, but the quality is phenomenal and they'll last forever.

Mate the Label

Treat your body right this summer with organic cotton, luscious linen, and tons of other non-toxic choices. Mate the Label promises clean, eco-friendly clothes that will give you the perfect aesthetic for summer while also ensuring you don't absorb any nasty chemicals into your skin.


You just might find the perfect princess dress for the summer at JessaKae, especially if you love floral prints and a cinched waist. The brand even offers the cutest pajama sets that are perfect for a girl's trip or an Instagrammable getaway.

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