11 Ideas For A Fun (But Classy) Bachelorette Party

One of the most common pre-wedding traditions is a bachelorette party. But not every bachelorette party has to include drinking, partying, and strippers. You can keep things classy and still have a great time.

By Hannah Leah3 min read
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The great thing about modern weddings is that there really are no rules you have to stick to. Yes, there are traditions, but it’s not looked down on anymore to just do your own thing. I’ve always hated that so many bachelorette parties include strippers. If you’re committing your life to someone, how is it okay to let a naked man dance on top of you? Same with your future husband. Are you really comfortable with him drooling over other women at a strip club right before he says his vows about staying faithful? Can we just stop doing that and have a fun night where we respect our fiancé? 

If you resonate with this, or even if you don't, and you want some ideas for a fun and classy bachelorette party, I’m here to be your inspiration. 

1. Bachelorette Brunch

One of the cutest, most Instagram-worthy bachelorette party ideas is a bachelorette brunch. Get the girls together, dress up, and host a fancy brunch. You could make it a tea party theme, or something specific that the bride likes. Who doesn’t love brunch?

2. Nashville

Visiting Nashville is a pretty common way to celebrate the bride, and sometimes even this can turn into a strip club and drinking event. But it doesn’t have to be. There are so many fun things to do in Nashville. Go see some live music, go dancing, do karaoke, try some new restaurants, and go sightseeing. 

3. Zip-Lining

Doing something adventurous with your friends brings you closer together and creates unforgettable memories. Try zip-lining for your bachelorette party! This is an activity that will get everyone moving, rather than simply just eating together. You could do something locally or go on a trip together and make it one of the activities. 

4. Weekend Beach Trip

For one wedding I was in, we all went to our local beach town and rented a house for two days. This was perfect because we got to spend a couple of days together, go out to eat, hit the boardwalk, and relax at the beach. We had a great time, and with everyone splitting the cost, it was very reasonable. 

5. Day Trip to the City

Maybe you don’t have a local beach, no worries! Take a day trip to the closest city that has fun stuff to do. You can go shopping, eat some good food, go axe throwing or some other fun activity, and end the night in your own bed! This is nice for those who have a bridal party with different budgets because, aside from gas money and food for the day, there aren’t many expenses. 

6. Skydiving

This is for the bold and daring ladies! If you want to share an experience with the bride that neither of you could forget, go skydiving! This is something that you both can reminisce on later in life, and it’s not your everyday bachelorette event! 

7. Sleepover With Wine, Snacks, and Movies

If you aren’t a thrill-seeker, have an old-fashioned sleepover! Once you get married, you’re less likely to just go hang out at a friend’s house and stay the night (not that you can’t, it’s just less likely). Everyone buy matching PJs, grab some wine and snacks, watch movies, and have girl talk all night! This will be a precious memory before sending off your bride to be married. 

8. Go to a Winery

One classy way to spend a bachelorette party is to go to a winery or a wine tasting. Dress up a bit and spend the day together. You can have lunch and try out some different types of wine.

9. Spend a Day on the Water

If you live close enough to the water or maybe you have a friend with a boat, have a day out on the water. Bring a cooler with some food and drinks, and you can just chill on the boat or go tubing and fishing!

10. Spa Day

I only had two bridesmaids, and I’m not a drinker/partier. My bridesmaids got me a massage, and they got their own services at the spa. We also got our nails done since the wedding was the same week. Then we went out to eat, and after we had a sleepover that night. The day was perfect!

11. Scavenger Hunt

This might seem like an odd bachelorette event, but I promise it’s fun! You can do this however you want, but one idea is to take the bride to the mall and make her find certain items that you'll use later for a party. When I did this, we laughed the entire time! After the scavenger hunt, I took my friend (the bride) to my house where I surprised her with a party! 

Closing Thoughts

Every girl is different, and if you’re the maid of honor, you probably know the bride better than anyone — so it’s up to you to pick a bachelorette party that fits her style and leaves her with great memories before she becomes a married woman. This might feel like a lot of pressure, but just remember there are so many ways you can celebrate, and not all of them are expensive or unrealistic. Choose what is best for everyone’s budget, and what the bride will enjoy, and I promise it will be amazing. 

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