11 Cozy Dates Inspired By Christmas Classics

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Get in the spirit of cuffing season by taking your guy on these oh-so-cute Christmas movie-inspired dates!

Cuffing season is officially upon us – the time of year when we’re most in love with being in love, making all kinds of new memories to look back on in the years to come, and in the jolliest of moods.

It’s no secret that this is the most exciting time of year to be in a relationship. So why not make the most of the season by planning a fun holiday date inspired by some of the best Christmas movies?

1. Stay In and Whip Up a Romantic Dinner

(Inspired by Bridget Jones’ Diary)

bridget jones diary blue soup

Weren’t we all so jazzed when Mr. Darcy and Bridget finally got together? Instead of having to get bundled up to go out, plan a night in and make a fancy, candlelit dinner just for the two of you – just make sure the food doesn’t turn out blue like Bridget’s did!

2. Go for a Stroll at Night

(Inspired by While You Were Sleeping)

while you were sleeping walk

Lucy had the biggest crush on Jack’s brother, but once they took a romantic stroll together one night, and had the chance to really talk, they were bound to fall in love. Take a page out of their book and take a late-night walk together – grab a hot chocolate to stay warm along the way!

3. Do a Double-Date

(Inspired by White Christmas)

white christmas double date

White Christmas made us all want to become performers, right? Watching the four incredibly talented leads put together a live show looked like so much fun. Alas, we can’t all become performers, but we can go see a show with another couple! Go out for dinner and a long discussion afterward for the true double-date experience.

4. Get a Picture with Santa at Macy’s

(Inspired by Miracle on 34th Street)

miracle on 34th street santa fair use

There’s no doubt that Macy’s has a certain magical quality this time of year, which is part of what makes Miracle on 34th Street such a classic. Make a fun memory with your guy by taking him to snap a picture with Santa! Plus, you can get in some last-minute shopping along the way.

5. Have Breakfast for Dinner at a Late-Night Diner

(Inspired by Let It Snow)


Few things say Christmas as clearly as a local, late-night diner, like the one in Let It Snow. If you’re searching for a budget-friendly way to get out of the house, stop by a small diner – to make it more memorable, get breakfast for dinner.

6. Go Ice-Skating

(Inspired by Elf)

elf ice skating

Let’s be honest, as weird as Buddy was, there was no way Jovie couldn’t fall for him after he planned such a sweet date and took her ice-skating to top it all off. Even if you haven’t been on the ice in years, it’s impossible to not have the most fun at a Christmas skating rink.

7. Make Your Own Candles

(Inspired by Love Hard)

nina-dobrev-love-hard-candle making fair use netflix

The easiest way to make any space feel cozy in the middle of December? Lighting a candle, of course. Get a few candle-making kits and make a date out of it by turning on some Christmas tunes. Then light up your creations and enjoy the ambiance!

8. Dance the Night Away

(Inspired by Meet Me In St. Louis)

meet me in st louis dancing

We all loved seeing Esther dance with the boy next door, so why not copy their style and go out dancing? The best part is that you don’t even have to be a spectacular dancer to have a great time on the dance floor with your guy.

9. Check Out Your Local Bookstore

(Inspired by Dash & Lily)

dash and lily netflix fair use bookstore

Few things are as perfectly cozy as a little bookshop in the middle of December. Channel your inner Dash and Lily by perusing the aisles for an hour or two. Make it even more fun by each picking out a book for the other to read or find a book you’ll read together!

10. Have a Karaoke Sing-Off

(Inspired by Last Christmas)

emilia-clarke-last-christmas-karaoke-fair use

Nothing brings people together and gets us in the spirit of the season like singing Christmas tunes together. While Kate and Tom didn’t sing karaoke together in Last Christmas, I think we can all agree that her performance at the end stole the show and put everyone in a good mood. You can find a karaoke bar nearby, or host a karaoke night at home!

11. Bake Some Tasty Holiday Treats

(Inspired by The Princess Switch)

princess switch netflix fair use holiday baking

No Christmas season is complete without plenty of holiday treats to go around! Follow Stacy’s lead and spend the evening baking away with your boyfriend. Challenge yourselves by whipping something up you’ve never made before! Then enjoy your treats by the fire with a movie.

Closing Thoughts

Get creative and have fun with these Christmas movie-inspired date nights!

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