10 Trendy French Tip Nail Ideas With A Fun Yet Classy Twist

By Simone Sydel
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Timeless with a twist.

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A French mani is a trusty staple that never goes out of style. However, that doesn't mean it can't be updated with a bit of fun and flair.

Adding a modern twist to your French tips is a great way to express your mood, be in tune with the changing seasons, or complete your outfits while still keeping it chic and classy, which is exactly what we're going for with these stylish French tip nail ideas. From a milky variation of the classic style to soft greens and bold reds, here's our selection of French tip mani ideas with a fun and trendy twist.


If deviating from the classic French tip isn't your jam, but you still want to make it just a tad bit more interesting than the original, consider going for a milky French. This variation is all about keeping the nails clean and sleek with a glossy white tip and fleshy base.

Product To Try: Essie Nail Polish in “Blanc,” $10


Similar to a French manicure, the French ombré tends to stick to soft and neutral shades of pink, white, and fleshy nude tones. But, as opposed to the traditional French manicure that has a sharp demarcation line below a bold, white tip, the French ombré has a soft fade element instead. The end result? A gorgeous modern twist to a classic nail style.

Product To Try:  O.P.I. Nail Polish in “Funny Bunny,” $11


Whether you go for a pale pink, clay pink, or hot pink, this feminine twist on the traditional French tip is perfect for those who want their nails to make a statement. And the best part about this look is that it can be as understated or over-the-top as you want it to be.

Product To Try:  Sally Hansen in “Coral Calm,” $8


Reminiscent of the trendy green-hued beverages and desserts that have taken the internet (and our taste buds by storm), the matcha French tip is a fun way to add a pop of color to your nails without veering too far from the classic look.

Product To Try:  O.P.I. Nail Polish in "How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?", $12


Perfect for the cold, rainy months of the year, the emerald French tip is a chic way to add a touch of luxury and glamour to your nails. And, since the hue looks good on just about everyone, you really can't go wrong with this one.

Product To Try:  Ella + Mila Nail Polish in “Island Hopping,” $11


Warmth, richness, and sophistication all in one nail color? Sign us up! Ideal for the fall and winter seasons, the chocolate French tip is a unique way to add a touch of fun to your nails while keeping it chic and classy.

Product To Try: Olive & June in “CN,” $9


If you want your French tip to be neutral, but fleshy colors and pinks aren't really your thing, consider going for a subtle shade of brown or beige French tip instead.

Product To Try:  Gucci Nail Polish in “Annabel Rose,” $33


Bright blue skies and calm ocean waters come to mind when we think of this soft blue French tip. This look is perfect for both summer and winter and ideal for those who prefer soft pastels over bold and over-the-top styles.

Product To Try:  ORLY Nail Polish in “Forget Me Not,” $11


Red is the color of class, sophistication, and luxury, making it the perfect choice for a French tip manicure. Whether you go for a classic scarlet hue or a deep burgundy, this style is guaranteed to get you plenty of compliments.

Product To Try:  Emilie Heathe Nail Polish in “The Perfect Red,” $30


Moody, edgy, and definitely not for the faint of heart, the black French tip is perfect for those who want to make more of a statement than keep things subtle. If you're feeling extra daring, consider adding a matte top coat for an even more dramatic look.

Product To Try:  JINSoon Nail Polish in “Absolute Black,” $18

Closing Thoughts

Although the classic French tip will always have a special place in our hearts, we're definitely loving these trendy twists on the iconic nail style. From fun and flirty pink tips to sophisticated and luxurious emerald nails, there's definitely a French mani style for everyone. So, go ahead and experiment with different colors, shades, and finishes, and fall in love with your unique twist on the classic French tip.

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