10 Steps To Help Eliminate Bloating

By Tamar Hugoboom
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10 steps to eliminate bloating

Now that you understand the causes of bloating, here are 10 things you can do to help eliminate it!

1. Stimulate the Intestinal Valve

Stimulating the ileocecal valve commonly provides relief during bloating. Consider performing this simple maneuver before eating as a possible preventative:

  1. Place right thumb in the navel.

  2. Extend the four fingers out straight, adjacent to each other.

  3. Keep all four fingers pointing down towards the pelvis.

  4. Swing the hand right 45-degrees.

  5. Press down, releasing thumb up.

  6. Push in and rub in a clockwise circular motion.

2. Enzymes

Consider incorporating digestive enzymes 15 minutes before meals.

3. Probiotics

After two weeks of taking enzymes, consider incorporating encapsulated probiotics.

  • Take on an empty stomach first thing in the morning with some purified water.

  • Take with meals.

  • Consider adding fermented foods one month later. Pay attention for any discomfort.

4. Food Preparation

Soaking grains, legumes, beans, or nuts. Remember, restaurants or breakfast bars are not going to be soaking their grains, beans, or nuts. Following this simple method could provide significant digestive ease. Additionally, it releases a whole other array of nutrients that were previously left bound.

  • Rinse in a mesh strainer the amount of beans, oats, or grains you need for your recipe/s.

  • Rinse only the amount of nuts you want to consume the next day.

  • Place in pot with 2 teaspoons of sea salt or Himalayan salt.

  • Add water over double the height of items.

  • Rinse in the morning.

  • Return to pot and prepare as needed.

Resting bread

Yeast-free sourdough bread or sprouted bread can provide the microbes necessary for proper digestion. The dough soaks overnight, gifting it with the opportunity to ferment and release those particular microbes that make for a healthy gut.

  • Search out the no-knead bread recipe.

  • Learn how to make sourdough with a non-yeast starter.

Cultured milk

When a cow or goat is milked, the milk is loaded with beneficial bacteria and natural enzymes. Therefore, when raw milk is consumed (or made into raw cheese), these natural ingredients richly enhance the health of a person’s flora. Regrettably, the process of pasteurization destroys these enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Consider either:

  • Making your own yogurt, kefir, or cheese from raw milk.

  • Buying raw dairy products.

5. Time-Out Dietary Option

If bloating is still problematic, you may want to strongly consider putting those potentially problematic foods on a “Time Out” for two weeks. Then rotate one food in at a time for a week. Be observant. If bloating is not a problem with a particular food, then move on and test the next possible culprit.

6. Kidney Support during Your Cycle

Certain foods act as natural filters for the kidneys. This helps support the kidneys to offset bloat, sometimes caused by the flux of hormones during your period. Consider:

  • Juicing or simply eating asparagus, celery, and parsley.

  • Supporting the body with additional B6.

7. Herbal Teas

Drink soothing aromatic herb teas after your main meals to assist with digestion. Many cultures outside America have this helpful and soothing custom. Peppermint, ginger, or de-caffeinated chai tea are great choices.

8. Herbs

  • Safflowers. This herb helps stimulate specific digestive functions so the body can produce its own HCL (Hydrochloric Acid). HCL is necessary for breaking down animal proteins in particular so calcium can be properly absorbed in the body.

  • Fennel seeds. Chew on soothing fennel seeds after main meals. They taste like licorice. (There is a reason why Indian Restaurants offer them by the checkout!). Small wooden bowls with lid and spoon can be purchased to house these seeds in on the table. A small container of fennel seeds can be kept in the purse to have on hand when eating out.

  • NSP Chinese anti-gas formula TCM This combination helps bring the body back into balance, so blood flow can be increased to the abdomen and reduce gas.

9. Activated Charcoal

Charcoal has astringent properties and is capable of drawing out toxins. ER rooms often give Activated Charcoal to those who have been poisoned. It's also used in the carbon block filter of many water purifiers. To cope with severe bloating, consider using encapsulated Activated Charcoal.

10. Be Patient

There are many factors to consider with bloating. Be patient with the process and listen to your body.

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