10 Hair Masks That Will Keep Your Hair Glossy In the Colder Months

By Nicole Andre
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10 Hair Masks That Will Keep Your Hair Glossy In the Colder Months

A lot of hair masks these days don’t focus as much on your hair type as shampoos do. Many of them are actually formulated for all hair types, so if you’ve taken a quiz but aren’t sure if you did it right, the good news is it doesn’t really matter when it comes to the hair mask.

Whether your hair is dry, damaged, frizzy, brittle, or all of the above, there’s a hair mask that will help with your problem. And as a result, your hair will be healthy and have a glossy shine even in the colder months of the year when you often find your hair becomes dull.

olaplex hair perfector nordstrom

The Hair Mask That Works from Within: Olaplex No. 3 Mask

Want to try the hair mask that’s gained a cult following? Look no further than Olaplex No.3, which is meant to actually repair broken bonds in the hair follicles. Less damaged hair means more shine. So if you’re looking for glossy hair even when the cold air bites your nose, this should help repair anything it’s done to your ends. (Nordstrom, $28)

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keratase nutritive hair mask sephora

A Hair Mask for Very Dry Hair: Kérastase Nutritive Mask

The reason why you might find your hair looks dull during the winter months is the cold dry air just sucks the life out of it. This Kérastase mask is exactly what you need to put the life back in it. And P.S. considering Blake Lively loves their products (and has basically perfect hair), you can bet that it works. (Sephora, $56)

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virtue restorative treatment mask dermstore

For Moisture That Won’t Weigh Down Your Hair: Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask

Jennifer Garner’s hairstylist Adir Abergel has his own haircare brand, Virtue, which has received rave reviews and for good reason. This hair mask is meant to give you all the moisturizing benefits, but without weighing it down. And it has no parabens! (Dermstore, $30)

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briogeo deep conditioning mask sephora

The Bestseller: Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Mask

Sephora’s Briogeo hair mask has attracted quite the following and is the best-selling hair mask sold at the beauty store. Got frizz? Got breakage? This mask promises up to 66% reduction in breakage and, basically, to solve all of your hair woes. While that might be a little over the top, if you have dry, damaged hair it will certainly help restore some shine. (Sephora, $36)

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amika soulfood nourishing mask sephora

Pretty Packaging and a Product That Will Do the Job: Amika Soulfood Mask

Like a lot of these hair masks actually, Amika’s soulfood mask is also meant for all hair types. With a hair mask, hair type is less important than it is for something like shampoo. If you’re worried about it, try focusing on the amount that you use and just check to make sure your type is listed. So if you need a mask that’s meant to nourish your hair, pick this up at your local Sephora for $28.

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An Affordable Mask That Works: Aussie SOS Revive Mask

You’ve probably heard of 3 Minute-Miracle. This is that in the form of a mask. It even comes with a cap, so it’s a great choice if you don’t already own a shower cap. You’ll need one especially if you want to leave it on overnight and avoid getting it all over your sheets. The best part is it won’t break the bank! (Boots UK, £7.99)

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sachajuan hair repair dermstore

A Swedish Hair Mask for the Win: Sachajuan Hair Repair

Sachajuan is a haircare brand I’ve always wanted to try out and that I’ve only heard good things about over the years. This reparative hair mask of theirs uses Ocean Silk technology that’s unique to their product to help bring back the shine you want for your hair and to get rid of the dead ends. (Dermstore, $36)

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nounou davines hair mask amazon

A Hair Mask for Damaged Brittle Hair: Davines Nounou Hair Mask

The Davines Nounou hair mask is packed full of antioxidants, so it’s able to return those that have been stripped away from your hair from too much coloring or hot tools. If your hair feels brittle, this is sure to help. (Amazon, $13.50)

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leonor greyl paris hair mask amazon

The Splurge: Leonor Greyl Paris Masque Quintessence

Spoiler alert: this hair mask isn’t cheap. But if your hair could really use some extra TLC, then this is sure to do the trick. It’s definitely not meant for nightly use, but using it every couple of weeks to treat yourself and break up another more affordable mask that you’re using (since they say you shouldn’t use too much of the same product) sounds like a great idea. (Amazon, $145)

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elemis frangiponi monoi hair scalp mask look fantastic

A Mask for Your Scalp and Your Ends: Elemis Frangipani Monoir Hair and Scalp Mask

This mask is a little different from the rest because the instructions will actually tell you to get into the roots rather than to stay away from them. I love this product! Scalp health is so important, even though we think about it less, because if where your hair grows from isn’t healthy, there’s no way your midshafts and ends will be. So for glossy hair, start at the roots! (Amazon, $45)

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