10 Fun, Cheap, And Easy Date Ideas

Getting bored of only ever going to movies you don’t really want to see for your dates? Maybe it’s time to branch out and try something new.

By Keelia Clarkson3 min read
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My husband and I look forward to our dates every week—we get a little dressed up, stop checking our work emails for a few hours, and embark on the adventure of exploring our city together. Despite looking so forward to these expeditions, both he and I are somewhat starving artists; we can’t afford to drop hundreds of dollars every week for a night out, but we treasure making memories together.

Due to our lack of endless funds, we’ve started to get creative with our outings. Here’s a list of some of our best dates:

Try Going to an Indie Concert

First off, who doesn’t love music? But more importantly, who doesn’t love live music for hardly more than the cost of a burger and fries? Whether your indie concert is at an open mic coffee shop, a Brooklyn warehouse with no seating, or on a stage at the local park, this is a memory you’ll look back on fondly. The experience you’ll share is worth far more than the $12 you spent to see the show. And who knows, you might discover an artist before they become mega-famous.

Go for a Couple’s Massage

We’re all desperately in need of a massage, so why not go with our significant other? Combining some self-care and quality time with the beau is a no-brainer, and it’s really cheap too. There are countless massage vouchers on Groupon and LivingSocial for as little as $30 for two people—quite a steal, I’d say. So book an appointment and get ready to unwind!

Browse a Thrift Store Together

Thrift stores are the perfect place to hunt for some vintage finds—as well as giggle at some of the ghastly things people use to wear. Here’s an interesting little challenge to offer your date: put together the most outrageous outfit (I’m talking hats all the way down to shoes) you can find for one another. You’ll both look silly and practically die laughing together!

Read a Book Together on the Beach

Or in the park! Being avid readers, my husband and I love picking books to read together, so we can compare thoughts, discuss the characters, and bond over unwrapping a story together (it’s also fun to get out of the apartment and get some fresh air while we do this). Pick a genre you both enjoy (we like mysteries), find an outdoor space that suits your needs, and take turns being the reader.

Have a Pizza Night at Home

Not every date night has to take place out on the town. Sometimes, it’s a lot more satisfying to just stay in (read: it’s 22 degrees out and snowing, so there’s no way I’m leaving my cozy couch). My favorite way to make a night like this special is to show my husband movies I grew up watching and adore to this day.

My favorite way to make a night like this special is to show my husband movies I grew up watching and adore to this day.

We switch on and off showing movies to each other. So put on your fluffiest pajamas, order a huge pizza, and enjoy watching your beloved childhood movies for the 104th time.

Do a Fast-Food Picnic

While I certainly make an effort to eat well throughout the week, nothing hits like a fried chicken sandwich and some fries—so I like saving up a little cheat meal for my date day. But instead of sitting under fluorescent lighting, get your cheat meals to go, put down a blanket in the park, and take advantage of some good people-watching opportunities!

Peruse a Bookstore with a Café

There’s just something about a bookstore; I adore the smell, the quiet, and if there’s coffee involved, I’m sold. They’re a welcome change of pace from our demanding lives, and it’s also pretty easy to make your bookstore dwelling into a date. Skim the aisles for some light reading together (couple’s quiz books are an entertaining option), order a couple of mochas, and find out if you’re actually compatible!

Get Appetizers at a Nice Restaurant

Want the experience of going to a fancy restaurant without burning a hole in your wallet? Try sitting at the bar (table service requires a bigger tip), order a couple of appetizers to split, and get some drinks if you so please! This outing is just a bit pricier than the others on this list, but if you’re looking to have a more memorable night out, this will do the trick.

Take a Class Together

Couples who learn together stay together! Taking a painting, French language, or salsa dance class will help give you guys an excuse to go out together and do something creative. It’ll also add to the already long list of things you have in common with one another. So throw out some options and figure out a class you’ll both look forward to going to each week.

Find a Comedy Show

I honestly love going to comedy shows of any kind: improv, stand-up, or sketch. The best thing about this date idea is that it’s pretty low-pressure—all you have to do it sit back and laugh at some hilarious jokes, and there’s nothing like sharing a good, long laugh with your partner. Also a great aspect? It’s entirely affordable. Tickets are normally less than $15.

Closing Thoughts

Your relationship is worth putting some effort into your dates, and it’s never been easier to have fun, cheap, and simple outings with your significant other. I hope this list will help bring the excitement back to your date nights!