10 Cute And Creative At-Home Date Night Ideas For Lockdown Dates

Date nights are so important for keeping the spark alive, but how do you keep it up during lockdown?

By Juliana Stewart3 min read
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We’ve been in lockdown for two months now because of Coronavirus. Some people are loving the time at home with their loved ones, but others are finding it intense, mundane, and even claustrophobic. We don’t know how long the pandemic will last so in these extraordinary times we need to put extra effort into mixing things up so we don’t get bored out of our minds and start bickering with one another.

We need to put extra effort into mixing things up so we don’t get bored out of our minds.

Most couples schedule a date a month on average, but during the lockdown, we should aim to schedule a date night or date day once a week, especially if you have children. Carving out alone time to do something fun together will help take some of the strain off.

Below are 10 fun and creative at-home date night ideas to add to your calendar:

1. Puzzles and Board Games Are the New Sexy

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Okay so this is a pretty obvious one, but doing a puzzle together or playing a board game can be super fun. It takes your mind off things and gives you the chance to connect without any distractions. Make it a challenge and play for stakes. E.g. whoever wins gets one wish? 

2. Camping in the Yard

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Many people have had to put travel plans on hold due to Coronavirus, so why not recreate a camping night or weekend in the yard? Pull out your tent, sleeping bag, and make a fire pit. You could toast marshmallows or s’mores over the fire, sing campfire songs, and tell campfire stories. Don’t have a yard? Why not pitch a tent in the living room or build a fort?

3. Spa Day

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Who doesn’t love a spa day? Okay so maybe this one is more for us gals, but it’s a great way to unwind if you’ve both had a crazy week. You could offer each other treatments such as a massage, facial, or mani/pedi. Or maybe you prefer soaking in a bubble bath together with scented candles, essential oils, and music? Pure heaven.

4. Life Drawing Class

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There is nothing more inspiring than the nude human form. Even if you’re not artistic, posing naked and drawing each other’s bodies can be empowering and help to make you feel closer. If you find being seen naked too awkward, perhaps you could try posing in sexy lingerie or with a sheet wrapped over you seductively? 

5. Outdoor Movie Night 


Movies are even more fun when you watch them outside! For the screen, all you need to do is hang up a white sheet and use a home projector. If you don’t have a projector you can use your laptop or TV (it isn’t about having a big screen but more about the experience of being outdoors). Then scatter a few cushions and pillows with blankets for coziness. Grab some popcorn and a bottle of prosecco (or beer) and enjoy a movie under the starry sky.

6. Formal Dinner Date

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Treat this as if you’re going out to a Michelin star restaurant and prepare an impressive meal. Do your hair and makeup, and pick out a gorgeous outfit and a hot pair of heels. Set the table nicely with a linen tablecloth and candles, and use your special china and cutlery. Creating an atmosphere like this can switch things up!

7. Online Dance Lesson

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Ever wanted to try a ballroom, salsa, or a hip hop dance class? There are hundreds of online classes you can do. Even if you’re rhythmically challenged or on the shy side, this will get you and hubby laughing, loving, and dancing together.

8. Recreate Your Wedding Meal

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If there is one thing that the lockdown has taught us, it’s that we shouldn’t take things for granted. We should appreciate the little things in life such as our relationship. So why not try recreating your wedding meal? You might need to plan to ensure you have all the ingredients, but what better time than now to relive one of the most important days of your life?

9. Cocktails and Cards Night

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Everyone loves a good cocktail, but have you tried making one? I love an espresso martini, but there thousands of recipes online that you can experiment with and enjoy the cocktails over a game of cards. How about strip poker? There is a reason this game is a classic! 

10. Quarantine Photoshoot

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This pandemic will surely go down as one of the most significant moments in recent history, so why not create a COVID-19 portfolio so you can look back at it in the future? Make it as serious or as silly as you want. You could incorporate some of the more bizarre resources that became important to us such as posing next to #toiletpaper, pouting at a bag of flour, modeling a home-brew haircut, or walking around the block. The key is to try and capture intricate moments while keeping it fun and light-hearted.