10 Beauty Products That Are Worth The Splurge!

By Mandie Brice
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10 Beauty Products That Are Worth The Splurge!

Celebrating our successes is an important way to keep ourselves motivated to follow our dreams. That's where these beauty products come in - they're worth the splurge, should you find yourself looking to treat yourself for a job well done, or just in the act of self-care! Here are 10 products that will help you feel like the queen you are!

La Mer soft cream

La Mer Soft Cream

I challenge you to find a product line more full of secrecy and bizarre rumors! It was started by rocket scientist Max Huber, who used astrology to create a fermented potion (more or less) to heal his own burn wounds. After he died, a medium was used to figure out how to recreate the magical cream. The company has since been purchased by Estée Lauder and follows all of Huber's wishes, including playing a soundtrack while making the miracle broth that goes into the cream! If it can heal burn wounds, imagine what it can do for already healthy skin!

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Charlotte Tilbury magic cream

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury's "Magic Cream" is a game-changer. For people like me who love a nice, thick moisturizer, this is a dream come true! Often, thicker creams can be comedogenic (which means they can clog your pores and cause breakouts), but this one is an exception! It also has an exceptional peptide complex called "Bio-Nymph" that stimulates and boosts collagen production - yes, please!

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Ready to learn about the skincare device you didn't even know you needed? Dermaflash is incredible! It is for dermaplaning, which is basically shaving off the top layer of skin, as well as those tiny white baby hairs on our faces - the peach fuzz! The benefits of this, aside from not having the look of peach fuzz anymore, are that your makeup goes on more smoothly and any skincare you use absorbs better into your skin. I'm almost hesitant to call this a splurge, as it actually saves me money because I don't have to get my face threaded regularly anymore!

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AEOS Skin Replenisher Cream

When I first met my husband, he used to ask me if I was wearing makeup when we woke up. Years later, after issues with hyperpigmentation, he no longer asked. After two weeks of using AEOS products with spelt oil, he asked me again if I was wearing makeup when I had clean skin! That was because my hyperpigmentation decreased so significantly and my skin was so healthy and clear that it looked like I was wearing foundation! I can't recommend this enough, and this is the skincare line I swear by!

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TACHA rice powder

Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder Cleanser

What better way to splurge than to use a royal favorite? Meghan Markle, whose glow shines beautifully worldwide, credits the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder Cleanser as part of her beauty routine! It exfoliates your skin gently by foaming on your face - sounds luxurious and wonderful to me!

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supermodel body CT

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body

Who is better to get beauty advice from than someone whose profession is actually looking good? Surely you know how damaging the sun can be, and how it can prematurely age us. '90s Supermodel Linda Evangelista has been religiously using sunscreen daily for that reason! But what if you want a healthy California glow? Take the advice of current supermodel Gigi Hadid, and try out Supermodel Body from Charlotte Tilbury to get a tan without worry. It's worth noting that Charlotte Tilbury has two products on this list, but since she's such an incredible makeup artist herself, it should be no surprise that she'd dominate when creating products she'd want to use herself!

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Sk II facial treatment mask

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

Another treat and tip from a professional stunner, Sara Sampaio, is the SK-II sheet mask. This incredible Japanese mask helps fight dullness, improves texture and skin tone, and helps repair decreased elasticity and firmness of skin - in other words, it helps keep us young-looking! This is a great mask to use on an airplane, too, if you'd like to multi-task your beauty!

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YSL concealer

YSL Touché Eclat Concealer

Another multi-tasker and royal favorite that both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton swear by is this incredible beauty pen that's perfect for undereye coverage or to use as a highlighter. It's available in a few different shades and has a great reflective sheen that hides dark circles and shows off stunning cheekbones!

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goop mask

Goop Exfoliating Instant Facial Mask

Gwyneth Paltrow uses it every single night, which is an excellent endorsement in and of itself! If you're looking for a quick way to exfoliate, smooth your skin, and even out its tone, try this mask for just a few minutes once or twice a week, and feel the luxury of this instant facial!

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pat mcgrath palette

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership Eyeshadow Palettes

If concealer/highlighter, body bronzer, and skincare aren't enough to make you feel treated and pampered, perhaps you'd like to splurge on something a bit more colorful? Take a tip from Mother - legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath - and spice up your eyes with one of her gorgeous, perfect eyeshadow palettes. "Bronze Seduction" is my favorite, and great for fellow blue-eyed beauties!

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