Molly Olson and Asha Moline

Molly Olson is an advocate and policy advisor, educating the public, legislators, and public policy influencers about social science research, which supports a child's equal need for both fit parents after divorce and separation. She provides information that demonstrates why a
rebuttable presumption for equal shared parenting time will give the best outcomes for children and help prevent and reduce social problems. Molly is also a mediator, helping families and organizations find win-win solutions to disputes.

Asha Moline is a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Asha is passionate about family law reform and helping families work towards honesty, openness, and cooperation. She currently works with Molly as a research associate and social media manager with the Center for Parental Responsibility. When Asha is not working, she enjoys reading, art journaling, and photography. Asha is committed to the virtues of truth, beauty, and curiosity.


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Molly Olson and Asha Moline