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Lauren Colvin


Lauren Colvin is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and podcast host living in Playa Del Rey, CA. She was born and raised in the Bay Area, attended Cal Poly in the happiest city in America, San Luis Obispo, and now lives in big city Los Angeles pursuing a career in Fashion.

Lauren feels incredibly lucky to be on the West Coast because she couldn't live without the ocean and warm sunshine. She has a slight obsession with bikinis, spends the weekends blasting music out of her convertible baby blue bug, and frequently visits the local animal shelter to hang with cats. But beyond her odd hobbies, Lauren's true passion is fashion, and she is constantly inspired by the carefree California world she lives in. She hopes you enjoy her articles all about fashion and pursuing your dreams!


Let's Talk About The Real Reason The Fashion Industry Doesn't Make More Plus Size Clothing

By Lauren Colvin
Seek Truth. Find Beauty.
© 2020 Evie Magazine