You Can Buy Clothing From Olivia Rodrigo’s Music Videos And Closet

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You Can Buy Clothing From Olivia Rodrigo’s Music Videos And Closet

You now have the chance to own the clothes of the world’s current pop phenomenon Olivia Rodrigo — and you can afford the price.

Olivia Rodrigo is a name you should know and probably one you’ve heard a lot. After all, it would be hard not to as she has only gained traction since her breakout hit “drivers license” came out January 8 and blew up on TikTok, Spotify, the radio, and basically anywhere else you listen to music. Her debut album SOUR has broken records left and right, and has been well received by fans and critics alike. 

With a sketch on Saturday Night Live about “drivers license” and a marketing team clever enough to collaborate with Sour Patch Kids to play off the title of her album, those who predicted Olivia Rodrigo would fall as fast as she rose have been proven wrong. As quick as her rise to fame and spotlight in the music industry happened, her musical artistry runs deep enough that I’m betting she’ll be able to make the success last.

The Depop Shop

Olivia has recently opened up a Depop shop. She’s calling it SOURShop. For those unfamiliar with the platform, Depop is an online marketplace where people can sell clothes they no longer want and the company makes a commission on each purchase. Think of it like an online thrift store!

One benefit of Depop is that because it's online it's much easier to navigate through all the different merchandise. You can use filters for size, type of clothing, color, brand, and condition. So if thrift stores typically overwhelm you, then this is a great option. The only pitfalls are that you’re going to have to pay for shipping and there’s no return policy. 

To the surprise of many, the items Olivia has sold on her Depop store have been really affordable. While she and her team could have priced the items much higher or even auctioned items off to the highest bidder, the average person would be able to afford what Olivia has sold so far — items currently listed range from $10-$65. 

Here's What You Can Buy

Olivia has been selling items from her different music videos and from her personal wardrobe. Some lucky fans have been able to score pieces that her most diehard fans recognize from the days of her Instagram songs before Rodrigo transformed into a household name. 

Original fans went crazy when she sold the dress she wore when she filmed herself singing a song called  “paygrade” (which is amazing by the way) that she shared on Instagram. 

But for fans who have hopped on the bandwagon more recently, there are plenty of things being offered from the music videos off her album SOUR. 

Deja Vu Tank Top

olivia-rodrigo-sour-shop-depop Deja Vu Tank

Recognize this tank top? Because you’ll see Olivia wear it in her “deja vu” music video. And considering the original price, this was a steal!

Deja Vu Headscarf

olivia-rodrigo-sour-shop-depop Deja Vu Headscarf

Of course, the iconic headscarf was offered! Whoever bought it should totally do that TikTok trend in the car. (You know the one I’m talking about). 

Good 4 U Sweater

olivia-rodrigo-sour-shop-depop Good 4 U Sweater

In the opening scene of the “good 4 u” music video, you’ll see Olivia wearing this very sweater with her pearl necklace.

Deja Vu Sneakers

olivia-rodrigo-sour-shop-depop Deja Vu Sneakers

Sure, you could buy new high-top Converse yourself, but these barely worn ones are being sold at a fraction of the price and were worn in the “deja vu” music video. 

Good 4 U Flower Hair Clips

olivia-rodrigo-sour-shop-depop Good 4 U Flower Hair Clips

Want to accessorize like Olivia in the “good 4 u” music video? Well, these flower clips were also sold in the Depop shop. 

Good 4 U Sneakers

olivia-rodrigo-sour-shop-depop Good 4 U Sneakers

If you loved Olivia’s cheerleader outfit in “good 4 u,” you’re one step closer to being able to pull off her Halloween costume. Because her sneakers were for sale! They already sold on Depop but Nike Air Max sneakers are still being sold, so you can pick up a pair anytime you want. 

Deja Vu Sunglasses

olivia-rodrigo-sour-shop-depop Deja Vu Sunglasses

If you were in love with these sunglasses from the “deja vu” music video, then you missed your moment because these already sold. But there have been some items that have yet to be sold, so if you fancy yourself a Livie you can wait alongside the rest of us to try to get some of the items to come. 

SOUR Necklace

olivia-rodrigo-sour-shop-depop sour necklace

Yes, this SOUR necklace is up for grabs as soon as it drops on the Depop page. So if you’re interested, make sure to check back on Olivia’s shop for updates often. 


olivia-rodrigo-sour-shop-depop notebook

A diehard Livie would also probably be interested in this composition notebook where Oliva writes “This is a real prop from the deja vu music video I swear.” We believe you, Olivia. 


olivia-rodrigo-sour-shop-depop mirror

I’ll admit this one doesn’t seem quite as cool to me, but it’s been revealed that this mirror will be available in the Depop shop in the future. 

Other than that, there’s not anything that’s definitely going to be for sale, but since Olivia has such great style you can bet that tons of great pieces will be offered in the next drop that she and her team set up. 

Why We Love It

Our love of all things Olivia Rodrigo in general aside, we love that she’s choosing to have her own Depop shop, which isn’t something that I’ve seen many celebrities do, because of how great it is for the environment. Sustainability might not be the most exciting thing to talk about, but the impact fast fashion has on the environment (and on the industry) is important, and thrift stores online or otherwise are great at combating that problem. 

Olivia has talked about her commitment to sustainability in the past and how she tries to keep that in mind when she’s shopping for herself personally. She gets a good portion of her own clothes on Depop! But she’s also stood by her words in the big picture, choosing to have her merch for the album made right here in the USA, and now, setting up her own Depop shop. And to top it all off, the proceeds of the Depop shop will be donated to charity, not pocketed by Olivia or her label. 

Closing Thoughts

Genuine belief in a cause and the actions to back it up will always be something I’m in support of. It’s nice to see that integrity and commitment from someone as young as Olivia.

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