Who's Behind The Bizarre Joe Biden Beauty Brand?

By Paula Gallagher
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biden beauty blue vote blending sponge
Biden Beauty

Joe Biden was making the news yesterday, but not for anything he did. He was headlining over a beauty brand.

Say what?

Yes, you read that right. An anonymous group of beauty industry insiders launched Biden Beauty yesterday, a brand aimed to encourage people to vote — and to vote specifically for Biden. While the brand is not officially affiliated with Biden, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Biden Victory Fund according to the brand’s website.

The brand offers four products, and only one of those is an actual beauty product — a blue beauty blender sponge, selling for $20.20. "Let's cancel out orange for good, the only way beauty knows how — with color-correcting blue," the press release announcing the brand stated.

The blue and Biden theme is continued in the other three products: a blue Biden hoodie ($46), a blue tote bag ($15), and an assortment of pins and stickers ($7.70).

The brand’s tag line is “Beat your face. Beat Trump.” And they’re calling on people to vote, to create their own “GET OUT THE VOTE LEWK” [sic], and to post their look on social media.

“Beauty has always been inherently political,” a spokesperson from the brand said. “From the beginning of time to now, all people have participated in beautifying as an act of defiance. We’re excited to push forth the message that this country is only made powerful by the vast diversity of its people. We hope that all underrepresented voices from all walks of life feel welcomed in this nation. Beauty has the ability to unite and BIDEN Beauty’s aim is to be representative of everyone. We hope these products make constituents feel more empowered and less alone.”

Closing Thoughts

Will this start a trend of industry players utilizing influencer culture in other industries?

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