Troian Bellisario Gives Birth To Second Daughter In Car, “Craziest 15 Minutes Of My Life”

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Pretty Little Liars’ Troian Bellisario Gives Birth To Second Daughter In Car

They say your second birth is easier because now you know what to expect, but that was definitely not the case for actress Troian Bellisario and her husband Patrick J. Adams with the birth of their second daughter.

Troian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars) and Patrick J. Adams (Suits) shared their crazy birth experience on a recent episode of the Katie’s Crib podcast, detailing how Bellisario gave birth in the car. 

Bellisario described how one morning her contractions began coming pretty close together, but she dismissed it since she had a 26-hour labor with her first daughter Aurora, born in 2018. However, Bellisario grew increasingly uncomfortable as the day progressed, and the couple decided to go to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Bellisario described the ride to the hospital: "I'm starting to have to push my seatbelt away from me...I'm in a lot of pain, but I'm also like, 'I can't be in this position anymore.'" 

When Adams pulled into the parking garage for the hospital, Bellisario’s labor had reached a critical point. “As soon as I hit the button and grab the ticket, she's screaming," Adams said. "I whip around, and by the time I turn my head around, Troian is already [fully on her] hands and knees...and we've gone nuclear."

Adams parked by the doors leading to the hospital, and going "1,000 miles an hour," he jumped out and asked the security guard at the door for assistance. 

"I get up to the guy and I say, 'It's all happening, in the car. You need to get the wheelchair down here, we need the people, all the people! All the professionals! It's happening!'" he said.

Unfortunately, the security guard didn’t take Adams seriously (he had probably seen many unreasonably panicked dads before) until Adams opened the car door and showed him the state Bellisario was in. "As soon as I open it, Troian is doing one of her incredible howls," Adams said.

But at that point, it was too late to move Bellisario or to wait for anyone else’s help. Bellisario realized the baby was coming now, and screamed for her husband to take her pants off.

"So she is still on all fours, butt facing the windshield. Her butt's at my head level, so I just go and pull down her pants," Adams said, "and [the baby's] head is right there."

Adams knew he was going to have to deliver his baby girl himself. "There was no room for panic," he recalled. "You just need to deal with this situation."

As Bellisario pushed, Adams checked to make sure the umbilical cord wasn’t wrapped around the baby’s neck. And then "One more push and the baby was all the way out," Adams recalled, saying it "all took place in the span of about three minutes."

Adams then turned his newborn daughter upside down to prevent birth fluids from clogging her nose or getting into her mouth. "And as soon as I turn her upside down, she starts crying and screaming," Adams said.

Bellisario added, "I just look over my shoulder, because I'm still on all fours...and I see Patrick holding her upside down, and she's wailing, so I'm like, 'She's alive, she's OK. She's breathing.'" 

Bellisario later commented that it was the “craziest 15 minutes of my life” but “all that matters is that she is here and healthy, I somehow survived,” and her husband “is not a fainter.”

Bellisario and Adams named their daughter Elliot Rowena Adams and shared her birthdate in their Instagram birth announcements. Bellisario posted, “Ms Elliot Rowena Adams joined us on May 15th under the wildest of circumstances. A whole new ERA for this family. Welcome, my love.”

Adams posted, “+1…..Welcome to the funhouse, Ms. Elliot Rowena Adams. May your life be as unique and exciting as your arrival.”

Bellisario and Adams got married in December 2016 and also have a 2-year-old daughter Aurora.

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