Trans-Identified Man Goes Viral For Attempting To Breastfeed A Baby And Calling It "Queer Joy"

It's unclear whose child he is attempting to breastfeed, but he claims that science is on his side.

By Gina Florio2 min read

As each day goes by, trans activists find a new way to insert themselves into women's spaces and claim that trans-identified men are no different than women. Trans athletes like Lia Thomas have been permitted to infiltrate women's sports and steal medals and break records from female swimmers. People who oppose this kind of behavior have been labeled transphobic and bigoted, but women's rights activists like JK Rowling continue to stand up against it. The latest controversy from the trans agenda is claiming that biological men (who identify as a trans woman) are able to breastfeed children just like women are.

Trans-Identified Man Goes Viral for Attempting to Breastfeed a Baby and Calling It "Queer Joy"

A man who goes by the name nominal.naomi on social media calls himself a non-binary trans person and claims that his pronouns are she/they. He is generating controversy by saying that he has successfully induced lactation and is breastfeeding an infant, maintaining that this "cow achievement" is a significant stride toward fulfilling his vision of "queer joy." Yet the source of the infant is unclear, sparking much concern about the child's wellbeing as well as horror at what the trans movement is turning into.

Nominal.naomi has publicly defended his actions, sharing images of the infant being fed from a bottle filled with what he alleges is his own breast milk. He also cites medical literature that details instances of biological males stimulating lactation through hormone therapy. He has been quote tweeting commentators like Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles and throwing conservative phrases in their faces: "What happened to facts over feelings? The peer-reviewed literature clearly demonstrates that lactation in trans women is safe and healthy."

He's referring to a regimen involving domperidone, estradiol, and progesterone to "mimic pregnancy," leading to lactation. He leans heavily on these examples, highlighting the lack of research on the topic and the challenges facing the transgender community in accessing quality healthcare. The use of heterogendered language, he argues, often minimizes the experiences of non-binary and transgender individuals, negatively impacting their mental health and social identities.

However, critics argue that these hormones, usually prescribed to women with mammary glands biologically designed for milk production, could pose health risks to the child. Many are questioning the safety of these drugs, especially if the biological male continues to consume additional hormones for feminizing appearance. These critics argue that the needs of the child should be prioritized, and that the potential for harm must be examined more closely.

"He is poisoning the child with discharge laced with synthetic hormones in order to satisfy his fetish. A just society would throw men like this in prison" Matt Walsh tweeted.

Many are aptly emphasizing that these are his personal aspirations rather than a genuine interest in the child's welfare.

In an attempt to defend his actions, nominal.naomi cites the Newman Goldfarb protocol, a method designed to induce lactation in adoptive mothers. However, he fails to mention that this protocol was developed for women, not biological males. The controversy is also deepened by a past case where a toddler exposed to a transitioning parent's testosterone gel reportedly underwent early puberty at the age of two.

While adamant that the substance produced is milk, he does not address the fact that natural lactation is a phenomenon biologically confined to female mammals. Critics argue that the actions of nominal.naomi prioritize "fetishistic" fantasies over the well-being and safety of the infant. "Just found out this guy has an onlyfans where he often dresses up in cow print and cow ears and also calls lactation 'cow achievement' oh i feel sick, [sic]" @teddybeargirl tweets. She also shared screenshots of his OnlyFans photos and one has the caption, "I'm an incredibly cuddly cow."

Many users are accusing nominal.naomi of child abuse, as these depraved actions are unprecedented as far as we can tell in the world of parenthood. And yet he continues to call himself a "mother who is happy to provide for her child," demanding that people stop tearing him down and instead support his efforts and accept the so-called science that supposedly proves that biological men can nurse infants after they "transition."