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These Cute Emerald Pieces Will Keep You From Getting Pinched This St. Patrick’s Day

By Amanda Lauren·· 1 min read

These Cute Emerald Pieces Will Keep You From Getting Pinched This St. Patrick’s Day

Need a break from life and can’t wait to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Neither can we. You don’t need to be Irish to appreciate the country that has given us treasures like soda bread, step dancing, and Michael Fassbender. Whether you’re staying home to celebrate or hitting your favorite pub for a pint of Guinness, here are the best green things to wear. 

revolve misa dress

Revolve Misa Los Angeles MISA Dress

This dress screams, “Kiss me, I’m Irish,” even if you’re not. This flower print dress is fresh and sexy for spring. If it’s still a little too cold, wear it with boots. This look is sure to get you noticed. 

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reformation mary dress

Reformation Mary Dress

The fit-and-flare cut of this deep emerald dress is incredibly flattering for a variety of body types. Plus, the midi length is ideal for times like now when we are in-between seasons. The jewel-tone just shines!

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soma robe

Soma Cool Nights Kimono Sleeve Short Robe

Are you avoiding people and staying at home this St. Paddy’s Day? You can still wear green, even if you’re just sitting on your couch, watching The Irishman and drinking some Bailey’s Irish Cream. This kimono from Soma is soft, breathable, and comfortable. Treat yourself!

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Lilly earings

Lilly Pulitzer Full Bloom Earrings

You don’t need to wear green on your sleeve to show the world how much you love this holiday. You can wear the color on your ears instead! These chiffon floral earrings are festive and twirl around as you move. They will add a pop of color to any outfit.

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monrow dress

Shopbop Monrow Supersoft Tank Shirred Dress

If you prefer something a little sexier, this dark green dress checks all the boxes. Tight and body-hugging, it’s made of lightweight terry. Low-cut and short, it bound to turn heads. Pair it with a denim jacket and consider layering it with a sports bra.

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tory burch bag

Tory Burch Fleming Soft Quilted Leather Camera Bag

You’ll love this bag for St. Patrick’s Day, and you’ll want to carry it all the time. This classic camera bag will look on-trend for years to come. Featuring an adjustable crossbody strap with chain detail, it’s incredibly sophisticated. You can also keep it on your person so you don't have to worry about leaving it at the bar. 

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