The White House Welcomed Paris Hilton Yesterday, Continuing Its Long Streak Of Inviting Celebrities And Influencers

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Yesterday, the White House welcomed socialite and heiress Paris Hilton. She was seen with her husband Carter Reum, and they were reportedly meeting with various Biden administration officials.

In 2020, Paris Hilton opened up about the abuse she experienced when she was in boarding school in Utah. It was a secret that she had been holding in for two decades. She made a documentary called This Is Paris a couple years ago that gave her the platform to speak about the abuse she experienced. Hilton also testified at a state Senate committee hearing in favor of a bill that would allow the government to oversee youth residential treatment centers. Yesterday, she took her activism to the White House.

Paris Hilton Visited the White House To Talk about Child Abuse

A White House official told CNN that Hilton "was at the White House with state and national advocates as part of her advocacy efforts to improve protections of youth in residential programs and facilities." She reportedly met with policy staff and joined forces with other abuse survivors to speak about their experiences as well as the "protection of institutionalized youth in America."

Specifically, Hilton is supporting the Federal Accountability for Congregate Care Act, which includes a Youth in Congregate Care Bill of Rights. This Act will create a joint commission to look more closely at institutional abuse and include funding for systemic issues.

Hilton was allegedly the victim of a "parent-approved kidnapping" when she was only 16 years old due to her misbehaving. The abuse began when she arrived at the care facility.

"I was choked, slapped across the face, spied on while showering, and deprived of sleep," she said. "I was called vulgar names and forced to take medication without a diagnosis. At one Utah facility, I was locked in solitary confinement in a room where the walls were covered in scratch marks and blood stains."

Yesterday's visit was a follow-up to the visit she paid to the White House in October 2021 to discuss the same issue.

The Biden Administration Has a Long Track Record of Inviting Celebrities and Influencers

While Hilton's cause is a worthy one and it's commendable that she's taking on this issue, it's about time we point out the fact that the current administration has a long track record of inviting various celebrities and influencers to the White House and making a spectacle out of it.

Hilton is known to be quite dramatic. After all, her career was launched due to the release of a sex tape. Her visit to D.C. was both productive and slightly over the top, particularly in regards to an awkward photo and video shoot at a booth she brought to Capitol Hill. The whole thing was reminiscent of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's staged photo shoot at the Southern border.

It's certainly not unheard of to see a celebrity visit the White House. During Trump's presidency, we saw the likes of Kanye and Kim Kardashian visiting, whether it was to discuss criminal justice reform or simply show support. But there's no denying that the Biden administration has taken the celebrity visits to a whole new level.

TikTok influencer Benito Skinner, who goes by Benny Drama, went viral for visiting the White House last summer in order to create content for his social media pages. He pretended to be an intern fluttering around the White House in outrageous outfits and absurdly long nails. The former Press Secretary Jen Psaki even made an appearance with the sole purpose of pushing vaccines, of course. The press and news outlets attempted to paint the visit as fun and exciting, but most people online were just put off by the whole thing.

But the Biden administration didn't stop there. They invited Olivia Rodrigo a Billboard topping artist who won multiple Grammys to speak at the White House. Naturally, the topic of discussion was getting vaccinated. You have to admit, it was a brilliant move on the administration's part. Rodrigo is one of the most popular, beloved Gen Z artists out there today and seeing her praising Dr. Fauci and President Biden had a huge impact on the younger generation.

In December of last year, the Jonas Brothers showed up to the White House and even filmed a TikTok with President Biden himself, which not surprisingly included another line about getting vaccinated.

This is clearly a strategic pattern that the Biden administration is adopting in an attempt to generate more interest and support from Gen Z and Millennials. For anyone with a discerning eye, these visits are forced, awkward, and incredibly out of touch. The only question is, who's next up to visit the White House?

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