The Spookiest Items You Need This Halloween

By Erica Jimenez

The Spookiest Items You Need This Halloween


Halloween Witch Pattern Lorelai Sweater

October is the perfect month to start bundling up for the cold. Why not do it in a spooky sweater this like this one from Unique Vintage? You'll put a spell on all your admirers!

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Jack O'Lantern Crossbody Purse

The perfect accessory for a trip to the pumpkin patch is...a pumpkin! It's the grown-up way to collect your holiday treats.

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Spooky Story Women's Tee

What's a better time to serve up the vintage vibes than Halloween? Pair this adorable tee with a cardigan and cat-eye glasses for a truly sassy Halloween look.

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Retro Halloween Print Dress

Don't feel like going for a full costume? You can still get into the spirit by rocking a festive dress like this one! Perfect for spooky cocktails or a 1950s style drive-in movie.

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Glitter Halloween Hair Clip Set

Add a little glitter to every outfit with these adorable hair clips! It's a fun but subtle way to show off your Halloween spirit.

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Trick Or Treat Pajama Set

But what about nights you're not feeling like haunting the town? Then get spooky with this adorable PJ set from ASOS. Put on a scary movie and you're all set.

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Bat Print Bodysuit

Black. Orange. Bats. Need I say more?

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Ghost Silicone AirPods Case

Give your airpods something to celebrate this Halloween with the scariest little ghost case we ever did see.

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Bat Any Rate Convertible Backpack

There's really no better time of year to rock a fun, thematic purse. (Or in this case, backpack.) Festive and functional!

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Chic Cobwebs Tights

Scared of the chilly night air? Just throw on these cobweb tights to keep you warm on a misty night.

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Cat Attack Dangle Earrings

These earrings are anything but bad luck.

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