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The Cutest Trench Coats For Your Winter-Spring Transition

By Ashley Allen·· 1 min read

The Cutest Trench Coats For Your Winter-Spring Transition

There is something about a classic trench coat that can make any ensemble look polished, chic, and put together. Worn by British and French soldiers in World War I, the trench coat quickly became a fashion staple and has been seen on women ever since. It's always smart have at least one good trench coat to go with all your ensembles, especially now as a transition piece from winter to spring.

everlane classic trench coat


For a classic trench coat look try this piece. The khaki color will transcend trends, and you will have this coat forever. Throw it on over skinny denim jeans and a white tank for a tailored neutral look or even over a dress pant and sweater for the office.

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red trench coat macys


This trench is a trendier piece, especially if you go for the red. It will add a pop of color to your look, and it's a fun take on a classic piece. I would love to see this over a black and white striped dress or tee with jeans. I'm all about popping color against neutrals, and this jacket is the perfect piece to achieve that. Another style tip to note on this little number is it's a shorter jacket, so it's perfect for petite gals. Not a fan of color? It comes in neutrals as well.

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linen trench coat


If you live somewhere where spring gets extra warm, try this linen trench. It's lightweight yet still has the classic lines of a trench coat. Add this to jean shorts and a tank with a sandal, and you have a cute bohemian look. Toss it on over a pencil dress, and you have a tailored look. This is a great transition piece as it can be worn from winter to spring and summer to fall. Plus, the light beige color makes it an amazing neutral to work back to any outfit.

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amazon leopard trench coat


Amazon is my secret little gem for great affordable trendy pieces. This leopard trench is an amazing piece and under $70. Leopard is a practically a neutral now and leading the pack in Spring trends. Pop this print against any outfit for a daring on-trend look. I'd love to see this over a colorful dress such as coral or even a floral dress for a print on print pattern play look.

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floral trench coat


Last but not least, check out this floral trench coat. It's everything for spring. Layer this over a striped dress for a textured print look or over a solid dress for an evening look. Florals are up there with leopard print for spring, and this jacket is the perfect print to add some color and fun to your wardrobe.

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