The Best Places You Might Not Think Of To Buy Food And Supplies During The Pandemic

By Amanda Lauren··  4 min read
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buy food and supplies not at amazon

There’s nothing more frustrating than things getting sold out on Amazon during a pandemic. And with Prime membership, we’ve gotten used to the lifestyle of having everything delivered and delivered promptly. But what can you do when there’s nothing left? Sometimes, you have no choice but to shop someplace else.

Here are some options you might not have realized exist, whether you want to order online, have things delivered, or get out of social distancing mode and go to a brick and mortar store.

And if you become truly frustrated, I recommend screaming into a pillow. I did it yesterday, and it felt great.

Amazon Prime Now

Technically, this is Amazon, but it works a little differently. Amazon Prime Now operates in many cities and has a warehouse separate from with everything from food to household supplies, electronics, and more. You can also get grocery store and restaurant deliveries in some locations. 

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But keep in mind, it’s prime time for Prime. While deliveries normally take two hours, it can now take up to two days. I highly recommend adding what you want to your cart and then, if there are no delivery times available, keep refreshing. I did this last week and was able to get a Sunday delivery after ordering around midnight on Friday. 

Your Local Bodega/Convenience Store/Gas Station

Small businesses of all kinds are suffering though the pandemic and being hit the hardest. So take an opportunity to support them. (In the Heights, anyone?)

in the heights

My local bodega didn’t have everything I needed, but they did have countless flavors of kombucha (regular and much needed hard kombucha), rosé, and snacks (yay!). There probably won't even be a line.

If you’re filling up your tank, don’t forget that gas station stores are usually filled with things to eat, cleaning products, and toilet paper. They might not have your regular brands, but in these times, something is always better than nothing.


After two days of social isolation, shopping at Target sounds like heaven right now. I’m not kidding. Target not only has supplies, but also shelf-stable, frozen, and fresh foods. You can order from their website, go to the store, or if you want, choose to pick up your order in store. They even have a drive-up service if you don’t feel comfortable going in. 

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The Home Depot

Home Depot is normally the place you go to buy tools or a toilet. But you might not realize they have tons of cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. While they don’t have much in terms of food, you can still pick up supplies. You may also want to pick up a few things to re-decorate since you’ll be spending a lot of time at home. 

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Pro-tip: You can search their website to see what’s at your local store. You can also check out online and do a free in-store pickup.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is similar to an online version of Whole Foods with healthy, organic meat, seafood, supplements, and pet products. I’ve never used it but have heard lots of positive reviews. They are currently experiencing ten-day shipping delays, but if you order now, that means skipping the long supermarket lines next week, especially if you are trying to eat healthily. 

thrive market


Like Amazon, Walmart is sold out of a lot of things, but depending on what you need you may have some luck. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your television, buying a yoga mat, or stocking your pantry, it’s worth exploring. 

walmart meme


Jet is owned by Walmart, but with more curated products in a variety of categories including grocery items, fashion, beauty, and furniture. They have “everyday low prices,” like their parent company, but sell some of your favorite brands like Alo Yoga and Beauty Blender.   

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I have written thousands of articles, roundups, and listicles in my career as a writer. I have never once recommended Kmart for anything. After all, why would you go to Kmart when you can go to Target or Walmart? But desperate times call for desperate measures. Kmart still has N95 masks, Clorox Wipes, paper towels, and groceries. You can also pick up at your local store (if there is one). 

walmart gif

Delivery Services

If you want cases of water delivered or you really want to avoid lines, try using Shipt or Instacart, where they send a shopper to buy your groceries and bring them to you. Both are similar platforms— offering a variety of stores depending on your location. Note that because Shipt is owned by Target, it’s their exclusive platform. 

delivery service

Closing Thoughts

Necessity is the mother of invention - or at least thinking outside our normal routine! Don’t let an “out of stock” sign stop you while we have so many other options available.

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