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The Best Foundations For Each Occasion And Budget

By Mandie Brice·· 1 min read

The Best Foundations For Each Occasion And Budget

As a professional makeup artist, I firmly believe that the most important part of any makeup routine or application is perfecting the skin. They call it "foundation" or "base" for a reason - it sets the tone for the entire look. Your incredible eye makeup or sassy lip will be an afterthought if your skin looks unhealthy, or if blemishes are on full display!

I generally use two different foundations: one that I use any average day that I wear makeup, and the other for special events or when I'm being photographed. The former is a little kinder and gentler to my skin, whereas the latter is a little less "healthy," but worth it when I'm seeking perfection!

But what foundation is right for what situation or person? Everyone's skin is different. What's perfect for one person is a nightmare on another, which is why you need to try out suggestions on your own face. Let's begin the search for your perfect foundation!

mineral fusion pressed powder foundation

Daily Wear - Budget

For everyday, I really love the Mineral Fusion line of foundation, which is available at Whole Foods and other healthier stores. It's really gentle to your skin and offers a variety of coverage and application options, such as a mineral powder, tinted moisturizer, etc. It's free of toxins and looks great, is very user-friendly/easy to apply, and doesn't break the bank!

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daily wear splurge kjear weis foundation

Daily Wear - Splurge

If you're able to dedicate a bit more financially to your daily makeup, I strongly recommend Kjaer Weis. It's another line that leans on the natural/organic side (for those like me who don't want to put chemicals onto my largest organ every single day), and the packaging is beyond beautiful, as well as eco-friendly - you refill the pans and keep the stunning compact after each pan is replaced! It has been referred to as "skincare makeup" because it is coconut oil based (but doesn't melt on hot days, don't worry), looks amazing on, and has buildable coverage!

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special occasions budget fit me foundation

Special Occasion - Budget

Sometimes, it may be worth it to go with a more conventional makeup to get the correct performance you need for a special event or to be photographed, and this doesn't always have to come with a hefty price tag. That's where Maybelline's FitMe foundation line comes in. It has a great color range, especially for a drugstore line, and has a great finish!

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special occasion splurge face atelier foundation

Special Occasion - Splurge

I love my airbrushes, and if I could, I would teach the whole world (who wanted to learn) how to apply a flawless airbrush foundation. There are even consumer-friendly versions of the Temptu airbrush system available. If you're confident in your learning abilities, that's my splurge recommendation! I understand, however, that that's not accessible to everyone, so my next best choice is Face Atelier foundation. In my opinion, it's a makeup artist's secret answer to the Armani Luminous Silk foundation, but better! It can also be run through an airbrush if you have one. It has great buildable coverage and a natural glowy finish that can be mattified if necessary.

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