The 4 Dresses You'll Want To Wear All Spring

By Lillian Fallon··  2 min read
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The 4 Dresses You'll Want To Wear All Spring

Is there a better fashion moment than the first day you’re able to walk out the door in nothing but a simple, spring dress? No layers, no constricting jeans, just the feeling of soft fabric swishing against your bare legs.

Well, the time has come, ladies, it’s officially dress season! Weekend BBQs, trips to the beach, rooftop bars, and patio parties - it’s hard not imagine ourselves enjoying these warm weather activities in anything but springtime frocks.

With temperatures rising, the dresses from our favorite brands continue to beckon us with floral prints and a-line silhouettes. Determining which dresses we actually need is tricky. Is there really a limit to how many pretty dresses a girl could own? Until we’ve figured out the answer, we’re keeping all of our favorite numbers safe and sound in our online shopping carts. To spread the beauty, we’re sharing our most highly coveted dresses with you.

Mini Dress

It’s been a while since anything beyond our faces have seen the light of day. A mini dress will remind you that yes, you have legs! Harkening back to our childhood and the very first dresses we ever fell in love with, mini dresses are both sweet and versatile. Ideal for when the weather gets even warmer, a mini dress will keep you cool in the heat while maintaining an effortlessly feminine appeal.

Spaghetti Straps

Ah, to feel the sun on our shoulders once again! If these dresses are giving you some early 2000s nostalgia, you’re right on trend. This iconic Y2K fashion throwback is balanced by classic a-line, sheath, and pencil dress styles, making them staples in any woman’s closet. Not to mention, when the humidity of July and August rolls around, you’ll be glad you have one of these simple beauties hanging in your closet.


Who doesn’t love attending breezy spring weddings in swirling skirts, silky fabrics, and blossoming floral prints? Satisfying the girly-girl in all of us, these are the kind of dresses you keep forever and pass down to your daughters.

Puff Sleeves

This is definitely a trend we can get behind. Reminiscent of the romantic styles of 1940s and 1970s fashion, the puff sleeve look is rooted in fashion history yet offers a fashion forward aesthetic because of its bold sleeve silhouette. While this darling look is having a major moment, it’s a timeless style you can wear for many years to come.

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