Taxpayer-Funded UK Study Could Ask "Do You Menstruate?" Instead Of "Are You Female?" In Order To Be More Inclusive

By Gina Florio··  2 min read
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As gender theory becomes more and more prevalent in Western countries, we even see it trickle down to schools. But that's only the beginning of how the trans agenda is infiltrating our society.

There has been an unmistakable attempt to erase women. We have been called chest feeders, birthing persons, and bodies with vaginas. What was once considered a South Park episode has become reality in many places. The UK is considering another cultural move that will further the trans agenda and make women even more obsolete.

Taxpayer-Funded UK Study Could Ask "Do You Menstruate?" Instead of "Are You Female?"

The Future of Legal Gender Project, which is led by King’s College London, conducted four years of interviews with 200 individuals in the UK to assess whether future surveys should include different wording when asking about a person's gender. This study received £579,717 of taxpayer funding from the Economic and Social Research Council and claimed that “acts of sexism may also be far more dependent on how someone is perceived by others than how they self-identify.”

Apparently, some people assumed the question about their gender was "about their genitals, about their legal status or about the sex they were registered as having at birth," while others said their gender was "based on the social category they live in."

As a result, this project aims to change the language in consensus surveys and advocates for local councils to be more inclusive of transgender people. "'Breast and chest feeding', for instance, may be better than choosing one term over the other," the study said. Their goal is to entirely change the way that legal sex is determined in surveys across England and Wales.

"In some contexts, more precise questions may help to avoid distortions or inaccuracies, for example, ‘do you menstruate?’ or ‘are you perceived or treated as a man at work?’ rather than, or in addition to, ‘are you male or female?'" the researchers said.

It's incredibly difficult to take this seriously, but these days reality can often feel like parody. In times like this, it's clear to see how someone like J.K. Rowling is needed more than ever. She's one of the few true women (and one of the only feminists) who is willing to speak up about the absurdity of situations like this. Women are women and men are men, and there is no amount of mental gymnastics that can change this fact. No matter what surveys say in the future, biological sex can never be changed.

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